3 Fall Hairstyles That Are So Much Better Than Beach Hair

READ: three fall hairstyles that are windproof and hat-friendly.
Publish date:
September 10, 2014
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Dear beach hair and festival hair: I love you, but you’re wearing on me. You don't play well with hats, and the wind whips you into oblivion.

Instead, I'm feeling these three more practical autumn styles--the five-minute chignon, hat-perfect hair, and the backwards braided crown. Each of these looks will hold up to weather shenanigans, bonfires, and blustery walks in the woods. Plus, they look just fine--if not ideal--on dirty hair.

The Five-Minute Chignon

Gather these supplies: light-hold hairspray, a grip of bobby pins, clear elastic bands, and dry shampoo. Now prep your hair by working some of the dry shampoo into your roots with your fingertips. We're not going to brush it out so you only need a tad. Ready? Here we go...

Hat-Perfect Hair

Sure, some people can just throw on a beanie and look fantastic, but the rest of us know better. The key to rocking a hat à la Johnny Depp (rather than à la Anne of Green Gables) is texture. Whether loose or in a braid, big hair looks dope in hats. I’ve already given you some tips for perfect texture, but today I'm using the aid of a hot tool for extra polish.

STEP 1: After getting a nice soft texture from your curling iron, take small sections from your temples, twist them loosely, and curl them away from your face, leaving the last few inches loose to read less curl and more wave. (A flat iron would also be suitable for this purpose.)

STEP 2: Separate the waves with your fingers, pop on your hat, and pull your hair over your shoulders to keep those dastardly nape-knots at bay.

The Backwards Braid-Crown

Braid-crowns are cute and easy--why not try one with a bit of a twist? Not only is this style easy, it has a romantic, mussed up vibe that looks great with peacoats and sweaters.

STEP 1: Part your hair in a way that pleases you and braid two loose braids, angling the hair over your shoulder.

STEP 2: Twist the first braid away from your face, then across the back of your head. Now pin it in place.

STEP 3: Repeat this process on the other side, tucking and pinning the ends beneath the twist. Using sticky pins (bobbies sprayed with hairspray) is a great way to keep ends in place.

For a dreamier look, pull down a few bits and loosen the whole thing. Adding some pretty pins at your temple can enhance the whole shebang!

What hairstyles are you thinking of trying for fall? Are you as excited for boots, scarves, and hats as I am? I’ve been getting in the mood by listening to lots of Tallest Man on Earth while berry-picking.