Quick Question: Should I Get Fall Bangs?

It's autumn, which means the ghost of Jane Birkin's bangs is haunting me (even though she's very much alive).
Publish date:
September 24, 2013
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This happens to me every year.

It's been fall for, like, 48 hours, and I have the bangs itch. The temperature hasn't even dropped that much! And that's really the only thing that keeps me from considering bangs in the summer: industrial-strength forehead sweat. Noelle had great advice for that exact issue, but I just can't consider fringe until at least late September, if not October.

OK, so, let's say Noelle's tips work for me from this point on. There's still the question of do I even look good with bangs? Have I ever?

The first time I got bit by the fall bang bug was fourth grade. I wanted a change. I wanted to look hip on the first day of school, like any nine-year-old would.

I held onto bangs for the next couple of years. It was New Jersey in the late '80s and early '90s, after all. But then things like this started happening.

I managed to go all of high school without bangs. I basically did whatever Alanis Morissette was doing with her hair. But I cut my hair super-short in college, and with it came super-short bangs.

My hair has been long for most of my adulthood, but I've been undecided about the bangs. This was the last time I really liked them on myself:

I dream of wearing blunt, long-ish, straight-across bangs like Bangey Deschabangs, but I always end up side-sweeping them and feeling like a failure. And yet, that failure still feels like really cute failure.

Guide me, darlings. Super-self-centered Quick Question: Should I get fall bangs? Do you guys ever get a seasonal bangs hankering?