2-Minute Hairstyles: Resuscitate a Blowout

How to coax the life out of a blowout that's on its last leg.

Something about the changing of the leaves puts me firmly in a back-to-school mindset. And so it couldn't be more appropriate that this is College Week here at xoVain!

Whether you skipped college, are firmly ensconced in your major or long graduated, we ALL want great hair that doesn't take forever to do.

Thus, this video series was born! Using my ultra-super powers, I'll be showing you awesome ways to style your hair in under two minutes.

Today's video: rescuing a blowout from the ravages of life. Do you HAVE to rewash, blow dry, and straighten your entire head of hair all over again if it gets a little wonky? Absolutely not! Work smarter, not harder (even if your hair is super-thick and wavy, like mine) with this video!

(Warning: this video features A VERY HILARIOUS FACE. Be careful if you watch at your desk or while eating.)

And because I KNOW someone will ask: my lip gloss in this video is Napoleon Perdis Luminous Lip Veil in Angelic Psychedelic, which is very sparkly yet sheer and smells like strawberries.

And now tell me: how do you save blowouts? Do you have any secrets for prolonging great hair days? Are you impressed or scared by my video-hair revelation? No beauty secrets, right?