4 Exposed Bobby Pin Hairstyle Ideas

Plus: tell me all the creatively cool ways you style your hair with bobby pins.

Bobby pins are often treated as a shameful little secret. Like, “I’m keeping my hair back somehow, but you’ll never figure out how and I’ll never tell you.” I think we should take some runway and celebrity inspiration and wear our bobby pins loud and proud!

These little metal friends are also cool for transitional, neither-long-nor-short haircuts. It’s difficult to find a nice way to put your hair back when it’s at that awkward length, but bobby pins have got you covered on this.

2 Quick Bobby Pin Tips

Ziggy Side Down: Place pins in your hair with the squiggly side facing down and the smooth side facing up.

Make Your Own Colorful Clips: There seems to be an absence of colorful bobby pins, especially in the grown-up department. This can easily be remedied by placing a few pins on paper...

...and painting them with nail polish.

Now, here are some snazzy ways to wear your bobby pins.

Criss-Cross Back

Inspired by Kate Mara’s bobby pinned-back look at the House of Cards season 2 premiere, I slicked my hair down and began pinning right next to my ear, forming criss-crosses with the bobby pins as I went along. The pins should form a row under the bulging part of the back of your head. (The only word I can think of for this is occipital lobe, thanks to my psychology major).

Side Bang Action

Thanks to the Cacharel Fall 2012 RTW collection, colorful side bang pins have are my new BFF. You can either pin your hair flat down...

...or create fake side bangs by pulling some hair forward before pinning.

Chevrons & Shapes

Take a couple of bobby pins and link them in the middle while pinning, making a triangular shape.

You can make any shapes using your colorful bobby pins. I’ve even seen a hashtag.

Fake Finger Waves

Remember that easy-to-follow tutorial for chic 1930s-style finger waves? Me neither, because it doesn't exist. At my ripe old age, I still can’t really do finger waves. So I use bobby pins to fake the look.

Starting near the beginning of your side part, pin your hair down. Now push the hair underneath it into a wave and pin again. I pinned three times to finish my look.

  • Tell me all the creatively cool ways you use bobby pins in your hair!
  • What other hair accessories are you loving right now? Headbands? Fancy vintage combs? Pics if you've got 'em!