How To Get Voluminous Waves For You Aspiring Merbabes

Perfect waves in 15 minutes? YES PLEASE! I've got the foolproof technique to get awe-inspiring wavy hair in this fabulous video.

When I was a kid, I honestly believed that I was going to be a mermaid when I grew up.

Never mind the fact that I lived smack bang in the middle of the Australian desert where large bodies of water were practically nonexistent. Or that I got horribly, dramatically seasick. No, I was going to be a mermaid one day. I was going to have a shiny tail, a beautiful singing voice, and--most importantly--long, perfectly wavy hair.

Unfortunately, my own hair was more baby Medusa than baby mermaid. I had to content myself with combing the tangles out of my hair while sitting in a paddle pool in my backyard, rather than being Queen of the Ocean and making my fish minions do it for me.

Fortunately for my inner child, I have since learned how to style perfectly amazing waves, without the aide of the creatures of the deep.

This is my favourite way to style my hair because it looks so good--and nobody ever believes that it only takes fifteen minutes to do.

So the question is: Are you ready to be a mermaid? Or Veronica Lake? Or Veronica Lake AS a mermaid? Learn all my secrets in this TOTALLY FANTASTIC VIDEO!

If I looked slightly terrified in that video, it’s for two reasons: one, maneuvering a scorching metal stick around your head while using a laptop screen as a mirror is SCARY, and two, I’m really used to curling my hair while standing up. Sitting down threw me off my game a little.

And now, as always, prepare yourselves for BONUS TIPS:

  • Always use heat protector when you’re curling your hair. I already had tonnes of it in because I filmed this the same time as I filmed my teasing and straightening video, but I forgot to mention it.
  • As in the case of straightening your hair, it’s important to have a quality curling iron. Mine is from Hot Tools and cost about 50 bucks, but it was a really good investment. This thing is ACES in terms of curling quickly and without damaging.
  • The bigger the barrel of the curling iron, the bigger and looser the curl. If you have really long hair, a wider barrel will be WAY easier to curl with because you’ll be able to wrap more hair around it.
  • Depending one what side of my head I’m doing, I switch which hand I hold the curler in. I have some spatial reasoning problems (seriously) and this is the only way my brain understands how to wrap the hair so the curls go AWAY from my face. If you’re having a similar problem, try holding the iron in your opposite hand. It might help.
  • Some people really love the clips on curling irons. I am not one of them. In the comments of my shiny hair article, a truly wonderful individual showed me how to remove the clip (you just remove the screws), and my life has never been better. But if you do this, trust me: put the screws back in and replace the stand.

    You need that. I scorched my desk while filming this.

  • I’ve been wracking my brain and trying to come up with ways to get this style that don’t involve product, because I know a lot of you don’t like the feeling that hairspray (etc) gives. Unfortunately, not even my hair will hold this style for long with absolutely no product in it. Sorry, guys.
  • The good thing is, this style LASTS. I tested this out last week, and with no additional styling or spray, my waves lasted five days. They got a little messier near the end, but they still looked really good.

Here are the products I used:

So this array is: Hot Tools curling iron, Bed Head Hard Head hairspray, little comb, clippies, fabulous necklace.

It's official: you are now in possession of ALL my hair wisdom! I better go on a quest to learn some more secrets, otherwise I’ll have nothing left to write about. If you ever see articles from me about trumpets and bookmarks, you’ll know what’s happened.

If there’s something you want to know more about, holla at your girl in the comments or on twitter. I will swoop in to rescue you like Superman, only better, because I am wearing really great lipstick!

So now the question is, if YOU had undersea minions, what animal would you want to do your hair? I’m going with nudibranchs. They’re so colourful and fabulous, I bet they’d be really creative.