This Updo is for Your Laziest Hair Days, Believe It or Not

It takes less than five minutes!
Publish date:
February 3, 2016
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Though I often prefer to wear my hair down, or even half-up, sometimes the occasion (or the fact that you're on day-four hair) necessitates something different. Cue the updo you can do without a mirror and in under five minutes.

I tend to stick with a low bun in these instances, and then deviate from there. When it comes to hair, my motto is: the less worked and pained over, the better. This updo embodies that perfectly. And yes, it really only takes three minutes!

Step 1

Part your hair as normal and then divide your hair into three low sections. The two side sections should be smaller than the center section.

Step 2

Gather the center section into a low ponytail and secure with a clear elastic.

From there, twist it into a standard bun. I do this by wrapping the hair around itself and then securing with bobby pins. My hair is layered, so it fans out a little bit, as pictured. Yours may be thicker, thinner, curlier, whatever. Just go with it!

Step 3

Next, divide the right section into two and then twist the top portion. Wrap it under and around the bun and secure with the ponytail.

Repeat with the lower section. This angle doesn't show how the two sections are truly separated from each other, but they are!

Step 4

Repeat on the other side. However, this time, instead of wrapping each section under and around, wrap them over and around. This creates some asymmetry.

Here's the finished look:

Easy enough, right? Let me know if you decide to give this one a try.