The Extremely Lazy DIY Treatment That Totally Changed How My Hair Feels

My hair no longer feels "thirsty," and I didn't even have to use coconut oil.
Publish date:
April 7, 2014
DIY, hair treatments, hair masks, olive oil, dry hair, eggs

These past few months, I have all but given up on my hair. I
have expressed multiple desires to shave it off and start fresh. As Rachel wisely pointed out
to me, “It just looks thirsty,” which I read as thirstaay because I believe
that’s what she would have wanted.

I have pretty much lost faith in products--expensive, cheap and in between--to fix this. I have done numerous masks,
treatments, even what my hairdresser refers to as “hair crack” at the salon.
Nothing worked. My hair was still thirsty. Even when
freshly washed, it wouldn’t do normal things like stay straight or exist.

Eventually, in a fit of desperation, I
decided to DIY my own hair mask and see what would happen.

A note about me: I
am not a DIY sort of person. I don’t want to bake adorable, organic, vegan cakes or make gifts for
close friends. I’m bad at it. And when it comes to DIY beauty, I’m even worse. I don’t even know of a
supermarket anywhere in my general province that sells half the oils people
suggest I use.

So if I was going to do this, I needed to do it my way: with
what I had at home and minimal effort.

After looking through what seemed like thousands of recipes
for hair masks that involved coconut oil--something I do not own--I finally
found hope. I decided to make the simplest mask possible: one consisting of
egg yolk and olive oil alone.

Egg yolks have been used for many years in homemade hair
masks to make hair silkier and stronger, due to the protein and lecithin it
contains. Olive oil was my duh ingredient for its moisturizing, softening

All I did was mix one egg yolk and one tablespoon of olive
oil in a bowl. I then added a little bit of water to the mixture to make it
easier to spread onto my hair. Because I was worried about the disgusting scent
(I hate the smell of raw egg), I focused on my ends, so you may
want to double the recipe if you want to use it on your roots or if you have
long hair.

I coated my hair in the stinky mixture, put my hair in a
bun, threw on a shower cap and left it for a couple of hours while I watched

When I showered, I washed my hair as usual, shampooing it
thrice to make sure it was all gone and I didn’t have to smell like an egg. I
let my hair air-dry, and later, when I ran my fingers through my hair I was SO
EXCITED. My hair had not been this hydrated and silky in months. MONTHS, I tell

I am so pleasantly surprised by this easy, lazy, cheap hair mask that I
want to reach through the screen and hug you about it.

repeated this a couple of times, and I’ll never need to buy a well-meaning,
disappointing hair product again. This is so exciting!! Look at all the
exclamation marks I’m using!!!