A Way-Too-Easy Summer Updo That You Probably Should Have Thought Of

It's like Gwen Stefani on a casual day.
Publish date:
July 17, 2013
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No, this isn't earth-shattering, mind-blowing, panty-wetting. But the two great things about this hair style are that a) you can do it, I promise and b) it stays put.

Remember my migrating ponytail discussion? If I put my hair up in any sort of concentrated mass, the weight of the 20+ inches of my golden angel threads causes lots of shifting across my head dome, and in the case of any bun action, it will eventually fall out.

So, I'm pretty sure that one of Newton's laws of gravitational pull totally supports my theory that if I split said mass into two or more sections, gravity will have a harder time ruining my hair and causing insufferable neck heat. Does that make sense?

Plus I tried this IRL and it works charmingly. Just wear two buns instead of one! MITOSIS! Also, if you refer to Stefani's Law of Attractiveness, multiple buns are ALWAYS cuter than a singular bun. Top knots are like the prude older cousins that you're forced to hang out with whenever you have to visit with your extended family to what we're about to create. (NOT talking about Crystal, my most favorite cousin ever and the responsible temper to my role model pool which also included a whole gang of slutty nannies.)

Here's a detailed **PhOtO gUiDe**

Start by sectioning off the top half of your head as if you're going to go for one of those half-up-half-down looks. I like a deep side part for this, but I'll leave part placement up to you. Gently twist the length around, keep twisting until you form a little bun, slightly off to the side.

Secure your messy little twist bun with a couple of bobby pins.

Make another twist bun with the leftover hair beneath, and position it slightly to the side of your first bun. Secure this with bobby pins.

The end look is way more secure than a singular bun and infinitely more adorable/interesting/awesome. And honestly, why stop at two? You could do an entire CLUSTER of twist buns, like you had an outbreak of cuteness.

And from the front, it's all business profeshunle. Except for that slutty little '90s "face-framing" layer that you should totally let dangle.

Do you like my new glitter fuzz top? It makes me feel like an extra in the club scene from Black Swan.