Together, We Can Bring Back The Bouffant

I'm here to start a tall-hair revolution, and I'm recruiting all of you for the cause.
Publish date:
April 30, 2014
How-To, retro, big hair, bouffants

I am a huge supporter of
big, tall hair in almost every shape and form, and though the
look isn’t very practical or modern, I am always experimenting with new ways to
get my hair closer to the clouds.

Though this Marie Antoinette-inspired, puffy hairdo may look complex,
it’s actually quite simple if you have the correct supplies. All you really
need is some dry shampoo, a comb, a mesh hair donut, bobby pins, a curling iron
and/or foamy curlers, hairspray, and most importantly, extremely dirty hair. I’m serious--wait as long as you possibly can
to wash your hair, and then wait one more day (I waited a full week).

However, if you are naturally blessed with super-thick, textured
hair (I hate you), skip this step and feel free to work with your clean hair
just the way it is.

Step 1.

Give your hair a generous coating of dry shampoo, especially
the roots, to add some texture and volume.

Step 2.

Pin your the donut into your hair near the back of the top of
your head. If your hair is slippery and sneaky like mine, use some surrounding
hair to build a sort of hair donut nest to keep things in place. Hairspray the
nest when you’re done to keep things put.

Step 3.

Pull all the hair on your head up and over the donut, carefully
hiding the mesh behind a wall of your hair. Think of pulling your hair into a
ponytail, but directly upwards to the top of your skull: that’s the goal here.

I like to keep this style a bit messy, but if the hair is
getting too unruly, use your comb to smooth everything out and help bring the
hair up into one neat mini ponytail at the top of the donut.

Step 4.

Once you’re satisfied with the general shape and coverage of
your tall wall of hair, twist the baby ponytail-like ends into a little mini
bun, and then pin it flat to the back of your hair at the base of the donut where it will be hidden.

When the extra bundle of hair is pinned and secure,
give your whole head a coating of strong hold hairspray, but be sure to leave
some little bits of hair loose around your face and at the base of your neck
for step 5.

Step 5.

This is my favourite step: find any little strands of hair that
have escaped your updo, and curl them. Sadly I don’t own a curling iron,
so I simply coat the strands with strong-hold hairspray, and then whip
them into foam curlers for about 15 minutes. When I take out the curlers, the
pieces of hair are wispy and ever-so-slightly curled.

Step 6.

Adorn your sky-high updo with magical bits. I went for the woodland fairy look this time with sparkly roses and tiny wooden
mushrooms, but I’m a big fan of hair bows too, and honestly with hair this
high, anything goes. Channel Marie Antoinette with a tiny ship or a bird’s
nest, or add a ribbon for a Bardot inspired look. The sky's the limit!