The Most Mindless, Easy-To-Do Hairstyle Ever

You don't even need a mirror.
Publish date:
October 14, 2013
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Now that I live in New York, I have to accept that summer actually does come to an end. When I lived in Florida, every day of my life was summer for 22 years. I became a master of waterproof makeup, wearing the least amount of clothes possible while still meeting my school’s dress code, and beachy hair styles.

Last year, when I was on spring break, I started doing this new thing with my hair to differentiate myself from the 500 other girls who salt-sprayed their hair before going to the cheesy bars on the beach with $10 dollar margaritas in baby plastic cups. Now, this is a hairstyle I do on weekends, vacation, when going out, or WHENEVER else.

The first thing I do is wet my hair. I don’t recommend washing it because this style holds better with dirtier, oily hair. Once it’s about 50 percent dry, I spray some Bumble and Bumble surf spray on it and sit on my couch. As I’m sitting and watching Million Dollar Listing New York, I keep from dying when I see how much commission they are making by scrunching and twisting sections of my hair so it dries a little wavier than normal.

Then grab a tiny, tiny section of hair anywhere on your head, split it into three, and start to braid it. I just do a traditional braid, but if you want to get fancy and do a fishtail or something, feel free.

Once I braid a section, I take a little bit of hair spray in my fingers and press on the end. This style looks really weird if you try to hold each braid with an elastic, even the baby, clear ones. If the braids start to come out and/or get messier throughout the day, that’s EVEN BETTER. Like, remember how hot the ladies of LOST looked after being on the island for weeks? That’s what you want. I-live–on-a-weird-island-and-why-are-the-bushes-whsipering-at-me hot.

Then just go throughout your head grabbing random, tiny sections and braid. You don’t even need to do it from a mirror. In fact, mine always looks better when I do it in a car or something because then I’m not trying too hard.

What do you guys think of this style? Totally easy to do, right?