The Best Blowout Of My Life Introduced Me To A Dry Shampoo I Cannot Live Without

My Drybar blowout alone would have been enough to constitute a game-changer, but it got better, because they led me to the Holy Hair Grail: a dry shampoo that I actually LIKE.
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January 29, 2014
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A little while ago, I was having a bad night. If you guys follow me on Twitter, you probably watched me have it. There were rage-tears. There were angry emojis. There was sulking under the covers. It wasn’t my best moment.

Into the midst of my (completely justified) temper tantrum came Gabi, amazing human and fashion superstar. She suggested a brunch date, followed by getting our hair done at Drybar in Lincoln Park.

Making plans with Gabi had the desired effect of cheering me up, because I am always down to eat pancakes at noon. But a blowout salon? I will be honest: I wasn’t expecting much. Paying $40 for a blowout, something I can essentially do at home by myself? That seemed like a waste of money. I’m not a professional, but I’ve got blowout skills. How much better could it possibly be?

The answer is SO MUCH BETTER.

Without exaggerating, and without being paid to say this: Drybar gave me the best hair of my entire life.

I only took a couple Instagram-style photos of Gabi and I on the day, because we had a lot of brunch to eat and life to talk about. She got amazing waves; I got straight with a little bit of a flip under at the ends.

I should also mention that even though it was INSANELY windy outside, our blowouts looked just as good six hours later (we really do have epic hangs) as they did when we left the salon.

In case you’re not convinced, here is a photo of me first thing in the morning the day after getting my hair done. Yes, it’s time for an I WOKE UP LIKE THIS joke.

My bangs are a teeny bit smushed down, but the body of my hair--which will take any opportunity to curl and wave--is still immaculate. I’ve worked out, showered, slept and done it all again--five days later, I still look amazing.

But more than that, it feels INCREDIBLE. It’s so soft and shiny that when I stopped in at Agent Provocateur to say hi to the ladies, Jacklyn said it was so perfect, it looked like a wig. That is only ever a compliment, as far as I am concerned. I keep running my hands through it, and I can hardly believe that this is MY hair on MY head that feels this awesome. I never want to wash or dry my own hair again. Drybar or bust.

If you’re looking for a way to spend a Sunday morning with a friend, or if you have a special event that you need amazing hair for, you should TOTALLY look up Drybar. You get a great shampoo session, they have cute movies playing, you get drinks (Mimosas! Tea, Earl Grey, hot!) and your hair will look incredible afterwards. If you go to the Chicago location, ask for Lindsey; she did my blowout and the results speak for themselves, PLUS she is the sweetest, nicest and best.

So all of this in itself would have been enough to constitute a game-changer. But it got better. Because Drybar led me to the Holy Hair Grail: a dry shampoo that I actually LIKE.

No. I don’t just like it. I LOVE it. And I am on record as a dry shampoo hater.

Allow me to introduce Detox, my saving grace and greatest product ever.

I cannot overstate how huge a deal this is. As Allegra told me, “Finding the right dry shampoo is harder than finding the right boyfriend.” And she is 100% right. Because I’ve loved boyfriends, but I’ve never loved a dry shampoo.

Everything that I’ve ever hated about dry shampoo has been fixed, refined and perfected with Detox. Here's why.


You guys know how I hate smells, right? This is the number-one reason I’ve hated every single dry shampoo I’ve ever tried.

Well, hold on to your butts: I love how this smells. Detox has a light, but distinctive fragrance that never gets perfume-y or powdery. It smells the way you’d want your hair to smell after a great blowout: luxurious, simple, chic.

Not only does it give your hair a fresh, clean scent, it seriously KILLS any other odors that might be lingering in your hair--including cigarette smoke, essential for those of us who do not smoke and hang out with people who do.


Nobody wants their hair to look powdery, unless you’re Marie Antoinette (and if you are, girl, you have bigger problems than dry shampoo). Even when I’ve been blonde, dry shampoos leave those weird white stripes and blobs in my hair.

Not Detox. It’s white when you spray it in, but once you work it around with your fingers, it is totally gone.

No residue whatsoever--and you guys know I’d see it, because my hair is really dark right now! (They also have a brunette version which sprays on a medium brown instead of white).


Maybe it’s just my hair, but back when I was trying out other dry shampoos, I found that most worked OK on normal hair oil, but post-workout sweat and greasiness? Forget about it. And the ones that did work OK really didn’t have staying power that I needed; I found my hair looked kind of flat a few hours after using it. What is even the point?

Detox comes correct right out of the gate, and I can prove it. Here I am right after pilates--I’ve worked hard, so I’m sweaty and my hair reflects that (especially in my bangs).

After I have sprayed Detox through my hair and worked it through with my fingers, the improvement is DRAMATIC. Please note this photo was taken no more than two minutes after the first one, and all that’s changed is the addition of the dry shampoo.

Damn. Talk about results.

The best part is, my hair stays looking this way all day. No more getting limp or oily midday. No more getting flat or lank. Doesn’t weigh my hair down or make my scalp itchy and dry. Perfect. Freaking. Hair.

At least until the next morning when I work out and sweat it all up again. Oh well!

The price. So, $20 for five ounces isn’t super-cheap, I grant you that. But you don’t need very much--I use one spray for my bangs and one along my part--and so it will likely last a long time.

I have the little travel-sized bottle (1.4oz) which I’ve been using daily for a week, and I’ve barely made a dent in it. I consider this a good deal.

So, are there any cons? Well, like a lot of dry shampoos, I’m not sure this would work as dramatically for people who have very oily hair or an excess oil production problem. It also isn’t a long-term substitute for washing and conditioning--I know you guys all probably know this, but it still bears mentioning.

I also don’t LOVE the brunette version of this product as much, because I found that the brown colour got on my fingers and made my hands look dirty. It washes off, but still. I hate getting stuff on my hands.

It’s been an astonishing five days since my Drybar blowout, and my hair looks exactly as good as it did when Gabi and I took selfies in the front mirror. I have done literally nothing to my hair except brush it a few times and use the dry shampoo. I think these pictures are testament to how great the blowout was, and how awesome this dry shampoo is.

So in case it wasn’t clear: BUY THIS DRY SHAMPOO. You will love it forever.

And now we talk: Have you guys ever gone to Drybar? What did you think? Are you down with the advent of blowout-only salons, or do you prefer the cut and colour experience along with it? What’s your favourite dry shampoo? Have you tried Detox? How much do you love Gabi? Because I love her A LOT.