OPEN THREAD: Which Beauty Expectations Do You Defy?

People with mermaid hair can and do work on Wall Street.
Publish date:
April 22, 2016
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Did you know 8 out of 10 women feel pressured to wear their hair a certain way? I did! But only because I watched the latest Dove campaign video, #LoveYOURHair, which told me so.

And I only watched the latest Dove campaign video because, um, SABLE IS IN IT.

Yep, Dove picked our very own Sable — and flew her to Rio — to star in their latest beauty-empowerment crusade. Normally, I'm a bit eye-rolly when it comes to big brands putting out love-your-looks messages while simultaneously selling products that we often feel we need to buy because we don't love how we look, but I'm pretty cool with this video, and not just because my writer/friend/neighbor is featured in it. I just can't argue with the message: do whatever the hell you want with your hair because it's your damn hair. (Totally paraphrasing.)

It features several women — all of whom have Sable-level cool names like Aster, Leecie, and Núria — who have gorgeous hair that, in one way or another, defies expectations or rebels against conventional precepts.

"I grew up thinking I couldn't be blonde because Asians just didn't do that," Sable's voiceover says.

"I've been criticized for straightening my hair," Aster says, "as if straightening it means I don't embrace who I am."

Leecie, who has a super-cute dog and incredible silver hair, says, "A friend once told me if I put color back on my hair, it would make me look better."

One YouTube commenter favorite, Núria, is a financial analyst with long, sky-blue hair. WHAT?! MERMAIDS DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MONEY! Oh, but they do.

Obviously, there are plenty of ways to do beauty your way, far beyond hair. Whether it's covering yourself in tattoos, bleaching your eyebrows, getting ginormous breast implants, or choosing to leave a big gap in your smile instead of getting braces, Dove's message of "your hair, your way," can and should really be expanded to "your body, your way." And furthermore, the reasons behind those choices don't have be justified to anyone.

OK, so I had to justify my tattoos to my dad at first, but you know what I mean.

So, inspired by Sable's star turn in this video, I'd love for you to tell your fellow Open Thread attendees the way(s) you defy beauty expectations. And whether or not you want to share your reasons behind those choices is totally up to you (and if you do, no one's going to judge you).