Beauty Experiment: Can Vitamin C Remove Unwanted Color From My Hair?

I'm tired of the pink in my hair, and I'd really like to avoid a terrifying-sounding "bleach bath" to get it out.
Publish date:
December 5, 2013
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I dreamed of having pink hair for a really
long time. When I finally had pink hair, I was obviously happy, but also mildly disappointed that it didn’t seem to
completely change my life for the better and suddenly turn me into a
supermodel. WTF is up with that?

Turns out 90% of having pink hair is answering
questions like “Is your hair pink?” and “Why is your hair pink?” I grew weary,
as did my soul.

I have been itching to go back to blonde for a while now, but
when my hairdresser told me she would have to do a bleach bath, then
highlights, then some other stuff on top of that (I peaced out at “bleach
bath”, actually), my hair was once again
annoyed with me.
There had to be another way.

That’s when I stumbled across the very weird
method of lightening your hair with vitamin C tablets and decided to give it a

Apparently, the vitamin C, also called ascorbic acid, opens the hair cuticle by causing
it to swell and lighten hair colour. From what I understand (very
little), it works much the same way that lemon juice does when you want to lighten
your hair.

All you need for this is the shampoo of your choice and vitamin C

Some internet experts claim that using vitamin C is a good alternative to bleaching, and I don’t have a long way to go
until the pink is all washed out (RIP).

First, take two to five vitamin C tablets
(literally every source used a different number), or even nine if you want to,
or maybe just two. Live your life, you guys. My hair is quite thick, so I used five
500mg tablets to make sure the vitamin C-ness covered every pink-stained
strand. Crush the tablets up with the back of a spoon in a bowl; I used a
plastic bowl.

Next, mix in a couple of squirts of shampoo.
Some say a good nourishing shampoo is best, others say a clarifying shampoo is
the way to go. I say use whatever you want. Again, live your life, guys. I used
Johnson’s Baby Shampoo because it’s a good clarifying shampoo.

Remember, this
concoction we’re making is nothing close to bleach, but it will still dry your
hair out a bit. I ended up with too much shampoo, but you can judge how much
you would normally use.

Lather the mixture onto damp (not wet) hair,
making sure to really concentrate on the areas where the color build-up is the
worst. For me, this was the bottom layers of my hair.

Once done, use a shower
cap or cling film to wrap your hair up and let it soak in for about 45 minutes.

Then, rinse it all out, use your favourite
conditioner in the world (I’m still into my Kerastase Bain Nutri-Thermique as a mask and conditioner in one) and examine
the results.

I was quite underwhelmed.

Yes, it did lift some colour, but I’ve seen it turn coloured-black hair dark
brown. Many claim it can take your hair two shades lighter (remember, though,
that this only works on coloured--and not virgin--hair).

I’m just
imagining what my hair is going to feel like after that bleach bath. Life is
tough, you guys.