Velvety DIY Hair Bows To Wear Or Gift At The Holidays

Sorry for the spoiler, people that I love, but this year, you’re probably getting hair bows.
Publish date:
December 9, 2013
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Tis the season for spending all your money on glittery sweaters
and gifts for friends and family! I usually go way insane-crazy-over-budget
during the holiday season. $300 sweater for my partner? Perfect! Debt for the
next six months? Great!

But this year, I’m trying really hard to rein myself in
and make more homemade gifts. I’ve been brainstorming cute gift ideas since
October, and I think after a few trial runs, I’ve
found a pretty solid favourite.

Sorry for the spoiler, people that I love, but this year, you’re
probably getting hair bows.

Not just any hair bows, though! These hair bows are classic and velvety, making them the perfect accessory to pop into your hair
this holiday season.

If you somehow found my last hair bow
challenging, this is the
tutorial for you. No pinching, scrunching or fluffing involved: just easy-peasy glue and fold. I made three in 15 minutes.

You’ll need:

•1 13-inch piece of velvet ribbon (15 inches if the ribbon is
really wide)

•1 barette (available at craft and fabric stores)

•1 hot glue gun

•1 pair of sharp (ideally fabric) scissors

Yup, that’s it!

Step 1.

Heat up your glue gun while you cut the ribbon into 3 pieces.
One should be long, then the next about an inch or two shorter, and the last
very small (just long enough to be able to fold around the other ribbons). If
you’re using a 13-inch piece, this will probably measure out to something like
one 6-inch piece, one 5 inch piece, and one 2 inch piece (which you may have to
trim down later).

Step 2.

Lay the two longer pieces out velvety side down.
Find/measure out a middle point, and apply a little patch of glue. Then
carefully fold each side of the ribbon into the middle, so that the ribbon is
joined in the middle with little loops either side.

Step 3.

Glue the smaller looped ribbon onto the bigger looped ribbon.
To hide the ugly glued bits, I glued them together in the middle with the messy
parts facing inwards.

Just imagine the smaller one is lying directly on top of
the bigger one. They’re totally cuddling.

Step 4.

Glue the barrette onto the back of the big ribbon. If you feel
the need, there are tiny holes to sew the barrette onto the ribbon for extra
stability, but the glue holds really strongly so you absolutely don’t need to
sew. Let’s not make things more complicated than they have to be, right?

Step 5.

Take the last tiny piece of ribbon and wrap it around the flat
middle part of the bow you’ve created. Glue it at the front to hold it in the
position you like, then glue the ends down on the back side (backside details
visible in the above photo).

That’s it! You have an adorably festive hair accessory to share
with the ones you love… or hoard for yourself!