How To Get Beach Hair Without Going To The Beach

Plus, a DIY salt spray that ANYONE can slap together.

Considering that I live in one of the driest, hottest places in the world, "beach hair" is pretty hard to come by for yours truly. (Note to my colleague Victoria, who just wrote about how she avoids beach hair: move to Phoenix!) Sure, the Pacific shoreline is only five hours west of me, but it's easier to "bring the beach" to me than drive all that way--and cheaper, too.

Speaking of cheap, I make a super inexpensive DIY sea spray. I'd wager that you have most--if not all--of the ingredients on hand already. If you don't, you really should buy them, whether you're making my salt spray or not!

Here's What You Need:

- 1.5 cups water (preferably bottled or filtered)

- 1 tablespoon Epsom salt (or sea salt if you want to get real authentic)

- 1 tablespoon coconut oil (I'm using Carrington coconut oil)

- 1 tablespoon conditioner (I'm using O&M)

- Optional: A little perfume for fragrance. I'm using Demeter's Salt Air perfume.

You'll also need a spray bottle. I bought mine in the travel section at Target for about a buck.

STEP 1: Combine water and salt in spray bottle and shake until salt is dissolved. Use warm water to hasten this step.

STEP 2: Combine coconut oil and conditioner in a separate container and mix well. Once combined, add oil and conditioner mix to spray bottle.

STEP 3: If using, add fragrance. Use a dropper or just spritz into the opening of the spray bottle containing the salt spray. Shake well until combined.

That's it. Easy, right? Make sure to shake before each use to separate the oil.

Let's move on to creating those waves. Again, this is super easy! Here's a before picture to give you an idea of what we're working with here.

Create two to five braids throughout your hair. My hair is very thick, so I opted for five. If you have very fine hair, two is probably good.

Run a flat iron over each braid, making sure the heat is evenly dispersed. Allow your hair to sit until it is completely cool. Remember: hair has memory. Any time you use heat to create texture in your hair, you must wait until the hair absolutely cools before you release it.

Once your hair is cool, remove the braids. You'll have some very faint, natural-looking beach babe texture going on, which is exactly what you want! Lightly mist on the DIY sea spray and start scrunching.


If you want to take your beach hair into boho territory, add an inverted French braid. It's the same as a regular French braid, but instead of pulling the right and left sections over the middle section, you pull them under. I started at the top and continued French braiding until I got below my ear, then I switched to regular braiding and pinned the braid in place along the bottom of my scalp.

It's a simple look, but isn't that what beach hair is all about? Would you try this hairstyle? What's your go-to beach hair look for summer?