Gilded Nature Barrettes: An Adventure And DIY Project In One!

They say not to gild the lily, but no one ever said not to gild other flowers and leaves and stick them on your head.
Publish date:
November 29, 2013
DIY, hair accessories, accessories, flowers, barrettes, glue gun, spray paint, leaves

My love for DIY projects is no surprise. I'm all over the do­-it-­yourself diffuser that Annie posted about and a large portion of the stories I've written for xoVain have been centered upon craftiness.

While sometimes the goal of said projects is to save money, most of the time I just love the act of making something myself. Maybe it's the boasting I get to do when someone compliments whatever I've made; perhaps it's just the fact that it gives my mind and fingers something to do besides stare at my glowing phone screen.

Obviously, you can go out and buy your own hair accessories for super-cheap (believe me, I do it all the time!). This is more of a weekend craft to do with a girlfriend or while you're listening to some good music in solitude.

Oh, and this project also includes taking a little walk to gather supplies, so bundle up in something cozy and go frolic about merrily.

I happen to live in Phoenix, where there's something always blooming, so I chose floral somethings because of their interesting shapes. I love the idea of using all leaves for this, as well.

Spread your flowers out on some newspaper or craft paper. Make sure they're spread out so you can coat all the nooks and crannies with spray paint.

You can totally skip the hunting/gathering/spray-painting steps if you want to. Just buy artificial flowers that've been spray painted already. These are in pretty much every single craft store on the planet.

Coat all of your findings in spray paint. Make sure you follow the directions on the spray paint can to achieve an even application. You'll likely have to flip everything over and spray the other side. Just wait a few minutes before doing so to prevent paint transfer.

Next, wait until everything dries. This may take a few hours. Meanwhile, gather the following supplies: a "naked" barrette, glue gun, felt and scissors.

Now's the fun part. You have a lot of freedom here to place your gilded somethings however you want. I used hot glue for this, as well.

Once you've finished assembling you can pretty much wear it right away. Hot glue doesn't take long to set at all.

I just pulled my hair into a half pony tail and that was that. Perfect for fall outfits!

And there you have it! Definitely a good project for a boring weeknight or weekend. Let me know what you think! And I'd love to see pictures if you try it yourself.