Show Natural Hair a Little Love with this Deep-Conditioning Routine

My curls went from dry and brittle to soft and defined.

As a general rule, I shampoo my hair only once a week to once every two weeks. I used to co-wash and condition my hair every other day in-between shampoo days, but I’ve been slacking in that department, and I’ve definitely seen a negative difference in the condition of my curls.

Here’s what I did to show my curls a little TLC.

After getting my hair drenched with cold water (I use cold to preserve my red-ish color) I applied Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil (still a favorite of mine) starting with my ends and applying any excess to the rest of my hair.

After combing the oil through to coat everything evenly, I added a generous amount of thick deep conditioner and also combed it through. I’ve been using the Evoo & Moringa line from Nubian Heritage and their Deep Conditioning Cream is one of my favorites. It’s super-thick — almost like a custard — smells good, and really helps me comb through my nappy spots without too much breakage.

Once my hair was coated in this combo, I sectioned it off into bantu knots; I skipped the bobby pins in this case because the conditioner held the knots in place.

Once my hair was twisted, I put on a shower cap and let it sit for two hours (just enough time to chat with my long-distance bestie).

After I unraveled the knots, I rinsed my hair out thoroughly and worked just a tiny amount of shampoo into my scalp (since my texture is really fine, I need to get some of the excess oils off the roots so it doesn’t flatten my hair out).

I then applied the regular conditioner from the Evoo & Moringa line, to just the ends of my hair because they needed a little extra love, and let that sit on for 20 minutes.

When 20 minutes was up, I rinsed my ends again, squeezed some of the excess water out of my hair with my fingers and then ran some of the Mielle Organics Avocado Hair Milk through all of my hair (again starting with the ends).

I combed through my hair one last time and then wrapped it up in an old cotton t-shirt to dry (I only let my hair dry in the t-shirt for about 30 minutes before removing it and letting the air do the rest).

Here are the results after one round of this:

Since this is a pretty time-consuming process, I’ll probably commit to doing it twice a week initially until I feel my hair is healthy enough to cut it down to once a week.

  • What do you do when your hair needs a little extra attention?
  • What are your favorite conditioning/moisturizing products for hair?
  • Any other naturalistas going through an awkward phase in the grow-out process? Let’s share in each other’s struggles!