The Sustainability Thing Is Cool, But I Mostly Like How Amazing My Hair Looks After Using These Products

Davines is my chosen haircare brand, and sometimes I like to be a really pretty and smug do-gooder.

I've been a huge fan of Davines since the salon I frequented as a baby bitch brat began carrying the line, which had to be over a decade ago. First was the N°1 Finest Oil Non Oil, then the Love Smoothing Shampoo and Curl Enhancing Conditioner, the MOMO Cream, and then the thick and nourishing NOUNOU Pak as a deep conditioner. I remember dabbling with the Invisible Styling Cream, and delicious vanilla-scented Wonder Wax, but those were my mom's and she would get really annoyed.

They had the absolute holy grail of salt sprays before they became the polarizing phenomena they are today--I can't believe it was discontinued, there would be no question as to which is the supreme salt spray if it were still around. It smelled like sweet green bananas and contained a light oil, so you'd shake it up before spraying on. It was like a serum and texturizer in one and no other salt spray has ever come close. Let's take a moment of silence in remembrance.



Ok, so recently I got to experience the MOMO Shampoo and Conditioner, and most recently the OI line of products: the Absolute Beautifying Shampoo, Conditioner, All In One Milk, and Oil. Oh, and the N°3 Universal Mattering Mousse, a lightweight volumizing mousse that contains moisturizers for softness and shine.

You guys. Davines is my chosen brand of hair products. The names are hella confusing, but don't stress too hard on trying to make sense of their absolutely bonkers product descriptions. They were probably written by a hot Italian dude, for which English isn't even a top five language. You're going to get amazing smoothness and softness no matter which line you choose, although I'd say definitely reach for the LOVE line if you're looking for curl enhancement. (Actually, I recommended this line one time to a friend with thick, board-straight, coarse Asian hair, not remembering that it was for curl enhancement. She absolutely loved it--it smoothed and softened her hair, but didn't make curls where curls don't exist.)

Unless you order online, you're going to have to buy this stuff in a salon, so I'd advise consulting an available stylist on which styling products are right for you. They have so many niche products for different effects on different hair textures; I really love their approach to hair styling--you're going to find a product that does exactly what you're looking for.

On top of my glowing recommendations, another reason to be completely obsessed with Davines and totally okay with dropping a little more money on these product is because it basically means that you'd be saving the earth.

For real, this is some Captain Planet stuff: The family-owned company is all about the zero-impact or carbon-neutral movement. That means that all the CO2 emissions generated through the production and packaging of their products is offset through protection and reforestation efforts on nature reserves in Italy and Costa Rica. Since 2006, Davines has been using renewable sun, wind, water, and soil energy to supply its plants and offices.

In 2010 Davines created "Sustainable Beauty Day" in which participating salons would cut or blow-out clients' hair on their usual closing day in exchange for a donation to support socio-environmental project. In 2012, the US and Canadian participants alone raised $62,000 for the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, with a goal of $75,000 for the foundation during this year's event, which was held on October 7th.

I got an amazing cut at Takamichi Salon for the cause, along with the most INSANE head massage during my shampoo. Not sure if they do that for all clients, or if the chick was in love with me. It felt more like the latter.

Here's a link to find Davines-carrying salons near you.

Have you tried Davines and what's your favorite product? Really hoping for more info on the N°12 Cement Powder.