Doesn't A Subtle Rainbow In Your Hair Sound Like The Best Thing Ever? (It Is!)

If you’ve always wanted pastel hair but can’t commit to a full head of it, Davines Mother of Pearl is the answer.
Publish date:
February 27, 2014
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Amanda from Blyss salon and I have kept in contact pretty much nonstop since she did my pink ombre hair a while ago, discussing Davines products and general haircare over email or Instagram. I send her inspiration photos or tales of bleaching woes, and she writes me back about new tips and techniques.

When she emailed me a few weeks ago and invited me to visit her and Carla at Blyss again for some hair fun, I was overwhelmingly excited. Maybe we could try out Davines Mother of Pearl!

Mother of Pearl is a colour technique dreamed up by Davines’ brilliant art director, Angelo Seminara. Inspired by mystical iridescent mother-of-pearl ocean shells, I can really only explain the whole concept as rainbow mermaid pastel ombre magic. How do they do it? Sorcery of course!

OK, in reality, the technique is very precise.

Amanda explained it to me as she buzzed around like a cute blonde hummingbird gathering supplies. First, she mixed up some Davines Pure Colours, a back-bar line of bright shades. She pastel-ified the normally intense formulas by adding more peroxide and base. For my hair, she used green, violet and blue, opting to leave out the yellow formula sometimes used in this process (because we all know I how I feel about yellow).

I had already bleached and toned my hair before heading to the salon (a tip from Amanda for those of us looking to lower the bill) so she was able to get down to work right away. Pure colours will only take on pre-lightened hair (blonde or red), so if you have darker hair, you’ll have to bleach the bits you want to be pastel, either at home or by a pro at your salon.

After the colours were all mixed, Amanda started the application process. She used Davines Flamboyage strips for the job, which basically means she used special sticky clear plastic “foils” to hold my hair for the colour. Flamboyage was invented by Davines as an easier, more blended and natural looking way to apply colour. The sticky bits pick up hair differently and hold the hair you want to colour in place, unlike a metallic foil. I also learned that the strips make watching the colour process extra-fun!

Amanda painted almost every chunk of hair with all three colours, though she mixed up the order, and blended them a bit with her finger to avoid weird lines. My head felt super-heavy from all the plastic, sort of like I was living in a rainbow bubble, but it was amazing to watch her work.

Once all the colour was applied, I waited around for 30 minutes, then got rinsed. Amanda mixed up a special magic conditioning potion for me that literally smelled like the best thing ever. A combination of OI conditioner, Vegetarian Miracle conditioner and Pearl Finest Pigments, the potion nourished my hair and deposited a shimmery pearly wash of colour to “give my hair some extra-pearly goodness.” I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Amanda is just the BEST!

I looked in the mirror, and even with my hair wet I was impressed. The colours were so beautiful and perfectly integrated into my hair. As Carla got to work blow drying, curling, and styling, I fell even more in love. This was the most gorgeous hair I had ever seen, and it belonged to me!

I mean, seriously, look at this:

The best part? Anyone can have it! If you only do a few choice strands (or even one), you can easily hide it at work, and almost any hair can take a tiny bit of bleach that far from the scalp.

There’s no reason why you should have to miss out on pastel hair if you want it guys, so go forth! Get yourself Mother of Pearl-ed!