The Best (and Not-So-Best) Purple Shampoos I've Used to Keep the Yellow Out of My White-Blonde Hair

Unless you’re into throwing money away, ditch the light-purple shampoos and conditioners. You want a seriously pigmented purple.

I’ve had white-blonde hair for years. I’ve done everything good and bad, and I can tell you this: Investing in a good purple shampoo is going to save your sanity.

Once you have platinum blonde hair, you’re going to notice even the TINIEST bit of yellow—yellow other people won’t be able to see. But it will drive you mad if you don’t have a handy bottle of the purple stuff at home when this happens.

Having said that, “investing” doesn’t necessarily mean spending a whole lot. I’ve loved formulas from the fanciest brands and the drugstore alike.

Before I tell you my favorites, there's a universal rule to keep in mind: when selecting a purple (or blue, let’s be real) shampoo, pay attention to how dark it is. If you’re looking at the product and it’s a light lilac, it’s going to do quite literally nothing for you. Trust me. So unless you’re into throwing money away, ditch the light-purple shampoos and conditioners. You want a seriously pigmented purple.

Clairol Shimmer Lights Shampoo

Yep. If you’ve Googled how to maintain blonde hair you’ve probably seen Shimmer Lights in virtually every resulting article. It’s the first purple shampoo I ever bought after going white-blonde. It’s good—not my favorite—but it’s definitely a smart, safe choice.

Heads up, though: this has sulfates in it if that’s something you generally like to avoid in your products.

Scruples Platinum Shine Brightening Shampoo

This is the shampoo I switched to after Shimmer Lights, deciding I wanted to try something sulfate-free. I absolutely LOVE this stuff. I remember it smelling like Glow by JLo. It’s super-dark purple, too, so it works like a charm.

L’Oreal Professionnel Series Expert Silver Shampoo

This is my second most recent purple shampoo purchase. I bought the big bottle with the pump, and it lasted forever. Seriously, I forgot when I even bought this. Definitely over a year ago.

It works great, too. It’s a little more expensive, but since I bought the huge version, it didn’t run out too quickly. Worth having around if you plan on staying platinum for a while.

Light Blue Shade Conditioner

I switched it up a bit with this one; I wanted to see if a conditioner could brighten my hair as much as popular shampoos did, especially since blonde hair is always on the dry side. I bought a bottle of this last week, and it’s worked great so far. It’s also huge, and super-cheap. If you want an option under 10 bucks, this is the one. It’s probably the best cheap purple shampoo/conditioner I’ve ever tried.

LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo

This stuff smells super-weird if you just take a whiff straight from the bottle, but once it’s in your hair and all sudsy, it smells DIVINE. Being the huge bergamot fan I am, I can’t get enough of the smell. Infused with citrus and lime, violet absolute and bergamot oil, it smells like an absolute dream in the shower.

I did find it pretty drying, though, so absolutely follow up with my scrunch and mask method.

Oh, and it’s totally vegan, by the way.

Aveda Blue Malva Shampoo

They use this religiously on blondes at the Aveda Institute, and it definitely doesn’t hurt! It isn’t as intense as many of the purple shampoos on this list, but it does the job.

This shampoo is very gel-like, but still suds up pretty nicely. Don’t leave it on too long, though, or your blonde hair will get a bit of a gray tinge!

As for the purple products I'd pass on, it's the stuff masquerading as brightening shampoo for blondes. It’s about as useful as decaf coffee for someone trying not to fall asleep. There’s purple there, sure. But enough to do anything? Nope.

For example, John Frieda Sheer Blonde. I used it at a friend's place, and was sort of in awe of how light the purple was. It quite literally did nothing. I’ll stick with their salt spray, thanks.

Also: Redken Blonde Idol Mask. I wanted to like it, being a huge fan of Redken, so you can imagine my disappointment when I saw how light this mask was. I don’t think it shills itself as a toning treatment, but the purple tinge to it led me to believe it was supposed to do some sort of brightening. When you have fried, bleached out hair, you want to avoid washing it as much as possible. This means the chance I do wash my hair, I’m probably going to be toning it to some extent. This just sort of felt like a waste of time.

If you take a look at any purple/blue shampoo before purchasing and it’s mad deep in colour, you’re going to be set. High or low in price, the most important advice I can give you is, again, to look for something very dark.

Keep that in mind and you’re on your way to the perfect white blonde!

  • Have you had any luck with lighter-purple shampoos?
  • How many different purple shampoos have you tried?