A Spring-Inspired Waterfall Braid Because We Really, Really Wish It Were Spring

Mari and I got together on a cold winter’s night in Toronto and came up with the prettiest, springiest hairstyle ever, complete with daisies and ribbons.
Publish date:
January 28, 2014
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Toronto has not had a good winter. Between ice storms, flash freeze warnings and wind chill alerts that recommend you stay inside, the whole thing has been a bit of a drag. I've reacted by avoiding going outside as much as humanly possible and hiding under piles of blankets in my drafty apartment, so you can imagine my surprise when Mari agreed not only to hang out with me, but to journey across the city to my very northwest apartment. She may be a real-life angel.

So Mari arrived and we dyed my hair and ate lots of snacks, but then we got to talking about Mari’s incredible braiding skills and my insane lack of braiding skills. She offered to do a special waterfall braid in my hair, and I jumped at the opportunity. I’ve always really loved other people touching my hair (except creepy strangers who think it’s cotton candy), so I was an eager participant.

But the braid alone wasn’t enough. We wanted to make a pretty braid with the perfect touch of spring magic to help us pretend, if only for one night, that the sidewalks outside weren’t frozen under a dangerous buildup of ice. We turned to my craft cupboard for answers.

In a matter of moments, we had whipped together some daisy hair clips by pushing the stems of some dollar-store faux daisies into the ends of bobby pins, and found a wheel of cream ribbon.

With our embellishments ready, Mari went to work.

I’m tempted to call is a maypole braid, because the ribbon gets wound through your hair in a lovely, spring maypole dance sort of way.

Anyway, here’s how Mari did it, in her own words:

Alyssa has such magical, ethereal hair that lends itself perfectly to this hairstyle.

I tied a ribbon onto the end of one strand of the braid with an elastic. Then I began to weave the hair into a lace braid, which involves adding more hair from on top of the braid only.

When adding the hair, braid a little lower each time, creating a sort of cascading effect. I added the cute bobby pin daisies we made throughout the braid afterwards.

It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it, and took less than 10 minutes. How cute does she look?!

So how about you guys? Are you still coveting winter, or are you as ready for spring as we are?