Quick Question: Do You Wear Cutesy Hair Accessories?

Adjectives I considered using for the title of this post in place of "cutesy": girly, playful, youthful, impish, fun, kittenish.
Publish date:
June 11, 2013
Quick Question, hair accessories, headbands, accessories, barrettes

Anna, our parent company's social media strategist and grown-up version of Janis Ian from Mean Girls, is in from San Fran this week. YAY! Also yay-worthy: her adorable green pear hair clip barrette thingy!

As soon as I saw it, I started bleating about how I'm gun-shy when it comes to wearing hair accessories that lean youthful. I have so many fun, super-girly, not-plain headbands and clips and stuff, and I'll put one on before I leave in the morning, and then I'll second-guess myself. Am I too old to wear this? Is my outfit feminine enough? Oh, forget it! And then I take it off, put it one of my dogs' heads, giggle, take a picture of the cute dog wearing the silly hair accessory, and put it away.

After complaining about my silly hesitation, I then noticed that Madeline was wearing a faux flower in her hair. EVERYONE IS BRAVER THAN ME!

So, today's Quick Question: Do you wear cutesy hair accessories? Should I?