CUTE COUPLE ALERT! Catbird Earrings + The Best Dry Shampoo Ever

I'm not joking around--this is an *OFFICIAL BEAUTY EDITOR DECREE*!

I’ve been wanting to get, like, seven tiny gold hoops down my ear forever now but, ha! I don’t want to pay for it and also: needles, remember?

I like the idea of jewelry, but I never wear it anymore, except for the occasional tooth cap. Life’s easier without it; I’m all about uncomplicating. The endless teeny hoops seem like a good option because I don’t have to take them out right?

Then, suddenly Catbird existed! Hannah, who teaches me most of what I know (so maybe just read all of her articles ever for a sneak peak of what I’ll probably be referencing in the future) kept talking about Catbird, Marci and intern Daisy wear Catbird first-knuckle rings, and one of our office ad chicks who was like, “Is that the Sandro hat?” to me the other day also likes Catbird, so I was like, “K I’ll check it out.”

It wasn’t the Sandro hat. It was a basic black baseball hat from a leather shop in LES for $10, suckaaaas.

Anyway, Catbird makes these adorable little ear cuffs! They’re kind of what I was going for as far as the little hoops down my ear, and I think they look super-dope mixing metals.

I’m also wearing their SICK Chained To My Heart earrings with diamonds. So ya, I got fancy real quick there, did you catch that?

OK, so more importantly, you guys all need to know about the best dry shampoo ever, it’s better than all the other ones, this is totally an *Official Beauty Editor Decree*.

It’s from this brand called blowPro.

So, as we know, dry shampoos come in lots of different forms and applicators, whatever. The only other kind I’ll be using for as long as I’m in love with blowPro, which will be forevskis, is PSSSST, because it adds texture if my hair’s too clean and I wanna put it up. So, kind of doing the opposite of cleaning my hair… whatever, that’s not the point.

This blowPro Faux Dry stuff is for oil removal, which is what dry shampoo is supposed to do.

Anyway, Faux Dry’s bottle is a soft plastic, and you squeeze it to distribute, and it puffs PERFECTLY into your scalp. Magic-like. Seriously, you then just tousle your hair all sexy at the roots and it disperses so perfectly that the oil disappears almost instantly and you have that sex-swoop-side-flop volume that tends to fall flat when you’re greasy. It also doesn’t smell, which is the tits.

Seriously, I KNOW you guys will like this. And doesn’t the side-flop show off the earrings perfectly? Cute couple indeed!