4 Cute Things You Can Do With Curly Bangs

Two of which are a total (but totally acceptable) cop-out.
Publish date:
November 8, 2013
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I don’t have much in this world, but I do have bangs.

And you know what else I’ve got? Curly hair. You heard me
right. Bangs and curly hair. They said it couldn’t be done. They said it just
wasn’t right. They said, “You crazy for this one, Ray!”

But behold! I have traveled from afar and descended from my
mountaintop home so that I may depart some wisdom unto you. Bow, disciples, so
I may unveil the good word: You can, like, totally have bangs and curly hair.

Check it. Curly little bangs are the new straight baby bangs which
were the new blunt cut bangs which were the new side-swept bangs which were the
new false semblance of autonomous female identity. Ya dig?

Obviously, it’s sort of a hassle. I think curly hair is
generally more difficult to work with, but everything awesome is complicated.
Like ice creams with more than one kind of chocolate bar inside them. Or Faulkner
novels. Or vaginas.

I also think curly hair is the best. Sorry, straighties.
Curly hair is beautiful and wild. It lends itself to effortless updos, and you can
hide stuff in it, like snacks and credit card bills!

Curly hair is hard, though. I’m always toeing the line between
free-spirited ne’er-do-well on her way through town and middle-aged art teacher
waiting to get home and watch the QVC waiting for me on the DVR.

Oh well. Art teachers are rad.

But, listen. You heard it here first: curly bangs are about
to blow up. And if they don’t, I give up on this world of basic bangerz.

OK, so now that you’ve taken my advice (FINALLY) and cut
your bangs, here’s four ways to wear your curly fringe.

TIME OUT. The first two are copouts and they don’t count.


A Headband

I save headbands for especially bad hair days or especially
bad confidence days, as this look guarantees me at least one Blair Waldorf
comparison from a well-meaning stranger. If you pansy out and throw a headband
on, embrace the opportunity to froof up your curls to maximum froofiness so as
to counteract said headband’s inherent BASIC-NESS.


Bobby pins are boring. Get some
colored clips from the drug store. Live a little. Or not. Just remember: DON’T.

Curl ‘Em Up

This is how my bangs dry naturally into my hair. They flip
up and fade into the rest of my curls, pretty much. As your hair dries, push
your bangs back away from your face.

If all else fails, use a tiny curling iron
to curl your bangs up and away from your face, and then use your fingers to
comb them down into the rest of your hair.

This look works because it provides some extra fluffy volume
around the face which is very flattering.

Style Your Bangs

OK, here’s what I really mean when I talk about curly
bangs. Little curly bangs are the bomb dot com.

First, wash your hair or just wet your bangs and use your
fingers to section them down away from the rest of your hair. When I’m letting
my hair curl naturally, I don’t use any brushes or combs.

Then, twist little sections of your bangs into small twists.
Work a TINY amount of your favorite curl product into the twists. I’ve been
using Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream. It’s easy to use,
and gives my curls some more natural bounce without leaving them crunchy or
greasy. Plus it smells awesome and has a fun name.

Next, you’ll need a hairdryer and a finger diffuser. A finger
diffuser is my favorite because it sounds hilarious and also is a must-have for
curly haired girls who hate having wet hair in the winter. I’m a baby. You can
find a decently priced hairdryer that comes with said finger diffuser at most

I only ever use my hairdryer on the lowest heat and speed
settings. This keeps the dryer from disrupting the natural movement of the
curls and from damaging my hair too much.

Lean forward a bit and push the diffuser up into your
twisted bangs. Using your fingers, simultaneously untwist your bangs and rough
them up a bit while still drying them.

When your bangs are dry, use your fingers to piece them up a
bit and get them the way you want them to look. If certain pieces are flipping the
wrong way, use a small half-inch curling iron to fix them.

What I’m always going for with my hair and my life is a
beautiful mess, void of any patterns, logic or long-term savings goals.

Curly bangs are the obviously superior alternative to the
late-eighties sitcom character’s blowdryed-straight bangs with otherwise wildly
curly hair. Don’t be so obvious, nerds.

Also, soft and slightly curled bangs look lovely with your
hair pinned up. Take it from me.

Have you somehow yet resisted the urge to bang?