You're Not Getting Your Money's Worth Out Of Your Flat Iron If You're Just Straightening Your Hair

Here are a few easy ways to make your hair curly and wavy with it.
Publish date:
January 6, 2014
How-To, curls, flat irons, waves

I have been using a hair iron to deal with my fuzzy hair--a hairdresser
told me my hair isn’t frizzy, it’s fuzzy, so fuzzy it is--since I started high
school. It’s such an easy way to make my hair do whatever I tell it to do.

course, back then, I didn’t have a fancy GHD and all I knew how to do was
straighten it. But that’s OK because pin-straight hair was all the rage.

Since then, I have evolved and become the most stylish person I know
(personally), and I barely ever wear my hair pin-straight. I still, however,
use my flat iron to achieve the different styles I wear.

For all the following styles, make sure your hair is clean
and DRY--if it isn’t dry, you’re burning it. And don’t forget to apply a
heat-protection serum or spray.

The second easiest thing to do with your flat iron is curl
your hair. It makes the same sort of curls as if you were using a standard one-inch curling iron.

First, section your hair like you normally would when
straightening it. Take about a one-inch piece of hair and clamp it as
you normally would. Then, turn the iron 180 degrees and pull down at an even speed. Make sure you are curling AWAY from the face.

Think of your hair as a ribbon
and your iron as a pair of scissors, and you’re making an adorable gift topping.

Once you have done your entire head, spray with hairspray to
hold; I use a heavy-duty hairspray because my curls tend to fall out quite

If you would like to make looser waves, brush the curls out
with your fingers, or you can use a brush very lightly. Use a smoothing spray to finish.

You can make these waves look more Veronica Lake-esque by
curling the ends under with your flat iron.

Now onto beachy waves. These are also relatively simple, but
they do take a bit more time and effort.

Section and prep your hair like we did
in the beginning, making sure it is dry and protected. Take your one-inch piece
of hair and clamp down like you normally would. From there, turn your wrist 90
degrees to the one side and pull down a little bit.

The amount that you pull down will result in a tighter or
looser wave, so use your discretion. Once done, twist your wrist in the other
direction--still 90 degrees from the starting position--and pull down.

Keep alternating and doing this until you get to the bottom
of your hair.

If you want a modern crimp, use the same method we used for
the beach wave, but pull down less between each twist, so that you will
subsequently twist much more times per section of hair.

Lastly, for a retro-esque pin curl, section the hair into
once-inch pieces again. Take the hair and twist it upwards, creating a little
coil effect.

Take your heated up iron and hold it over the twisted hair
for around three seconds.

Let the hair cool down a little bit before releasing it. If
you want, you can pin the hair while you’re doing this and leave them all to

When all the hair is curled, you can either leave them that
way, or brush them out for a 1940s pin-up look.

Do you use for flat iron for more than just straightening? What's your favorite look?