3 New Must-Have Hair Tools Under $40

Who cares that one was technically made for kids?
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September 6, 2015
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Ooohwee, do I love hair tools for anything and everything. Now that I’ll be transitioning out of my curly challenge, I have a strong suspicion that I’ll go back to my old ways of blowouts and irons. The jury is still out on if avoiding heat has helped my hair grow faster than usual, but I know that I love blowing out my hair, and I love giving myself perfect waves for a date night or special events.

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying three of what I think are the best new tools out there, and there are some super-interesting and affordable options. Because NYC is gearing up for Fashion Week, every brand wants to get their new products into the hands of working stylists. There’s always a rush of new and fabulous beauty items in September.

Amika's Mighty Mini Titanium Styler ($29) is a winner winner chicken dinner! I have tried mini flat irons before, and the last one I tried literally singed my hair off on the first pass. Amika tools are well-made at their core, and this one also happens to be a perfect shade of adorable pink. Plus, the plates are floating, a feature that only just crossed over to mini tools. This allows you to smooth or curl and use the perfect amount of tension, saving your hair from breakage and issues in the future.

If you use an iron on only your bangs, a tiny iron like this one allows you to get right to the root and maneuvers quite a bit easier than a full-size. I will surely be keeping this tater tot in my kit.

Long-haired babes, though I may be infinitely jealous of your hair-growing skills, I know you have it harder in some situations. Curling wands work perfectly up to bra-strap-length hair, but any longer and you start having issues with heat consistency. Too much hair on the barrel can cause curls to become uneven and stamp out their lasting power.

Before, the only solution was to use smaller sections of hair, but that adds significant styling time onto your routine.

Enter the Pro Beauty Tools 1" Professional X-Long Gold C! This baby is hot and ready for your Rapunzel situation and allows you to get those three or four (or more!) extra turns of the iron. It’s roughly 30% bigger than a typical iron, which is pretty significant. And did I mention it’s only $35? Crucial! It launches very soon and will be available at drugstore.com.

This next one is more about fun and games, but I personally could find a few reasons to keep this little doodad. Conair launched a new version of this fun twisting tool, Quick Twist.

The $30 tool itself is so easy to use and makes a perfect twisted "braid" that actually stays when you secure the ends—way harder to do by hand than with a handheld machine. One way you could use this is to create a twist braid with barely damp strands and then wrap it into a bun for an hour or so. When you take them down, you’ve got ropey, beachy curls that gravity would normally take from me.


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Now I get to come home from a quick Labor Day getaway with some fun new toys to play with! I am really itching to do something different with my hair lately, like many people often do come fall, but having tools and toys always helps fill up the time until I finally settle on something.

What's the best tool under $50 you've used recently?