Crimping Your Hair The Old-Fashioned Way: Sleeping In Little Braids

Because if you didn't sell your crimping iron from the '80s, it's probably dead by now anyway.
Publish date:
September 5, 2013
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I, like many, dabbled in crimping in grade six or seven. I remember my Conair three-in-one tool for straightening, crimping, or "waves" (which pretty much just left a massive dent). Picture an imperfectly crimped, day-glo white bob, with frosty blue eyeshadow and no mascara--I’m honestly surprised I wasn’t Karlie Kloss’d out of obscurity.

Crimping is a delicate issue. For wearing crimped hair in real life in 2013 and not trying to act like your life is an editorial (if you do, no judgment, I do, too), let's throw out the hot tools and get back to the basics. And by that, I mean the oh-so-ancient art of braiding.

The crimp rests somewhere comfortably between beachy waves and a perm, and always borders on the edge of can-I-wear-this-out-of-the-house. I think the most modern way to wear your hair crimped is to not try to make it too symmetrical. Let it take on a life of its own, and try to convince people that’s just how your hair grows out of your head.

My inspiration for this look is Cameron Diaz circa 1997, when she was still with Matt Dillon. It’s around the time that My Best Friend’s Wedding came out and she rolled up to some premiere working a crimped bob, brownish-red lipstick, and a gold lamé kimono/cardigan over pants. Bitch was werking it!

First off, I like to start with clean hair, and always condition it well before to minimize the frizzy wig effect that can happen when your hair is dry.

Next, I used Rahua Finishing Treatment to give it some extra softness and shine, followed by a light all-over spritz of texturizing salt spray like TIGI’s to give a little grit and hold.

Next, we are going to work those biceps, and I promise you will feel the burn.

Starting right above the ear on the side of your head you part your hair on, take a small section and secure, before clipping the rest of your hair off your face, and make a small braid. Keep sectioning off on that side, and braiding, moving around the back of your head doing the same thing, and then on the other side securing each one with a small rubber band.

I only had about six braids on my head because I literally have no hair--it will very from person to person. The key to this is don’t be too fussy about the braid size. They can be whatever-large for bigger crimps, or tiny for crazy kinky ones, or mix and match!

After your done, get some ZZZ’s. You DESERVE it.

The next morning, take them out and spritz with a little more texturizing spray, and run a little pomade, like Bumble and bumble’s Semisumo through your hands to smooth some of the frizz, and mist some Elnett all over so it has staying power.

After that, a slick of NARS 413BLKR lipstick is the perfect Cameron-approved hue to complement.

I mean is that your new fall look, or what?