Why Do I Always Look Like A Criminal When I Wear A Beanie?

Let the new-site selfies commence!
Publish date:
October 29, 2013
cold weather products, hats, moisturizers, selfie of the day

Hello lovely people of Interland! Did you notice that the site's a little different? I think it looks so very nice. There's highlighting! And hearts! Pink circles! And fonts-- oh the fonts! The product pages will actually convey information! Huge, glossy images! WE CAN CENTER PHOTOS RIGHT OR LEFT AND HAVE THE FREAKING TEXT WRAP IF WE WANTED TO. FTW!

It's like 40° in New York right now so I wore a hat today-- a beanie to be exact. Not my choice hat option, as it makes me look like a Joe Pesci in Home Alone. (And I look devastatingly chic in a wool floppy hat. I singlehandedly introduced the masses to the American Apparel version in 2011 when a nice homeless gentleman complimented it between shows at Fashion Week and some street style blogger agreed. Took my photo. Tumblr. You're welcome, Dove.)

In honor of the cold weather, today I'm giving away this Pür "Soak It Up" Intense Hydrating Moisturizer. It's oil-free and contains wild pansy--way cool! Selfie, be in the US and over 18 and you could win it.

Congrats to Abby Kidwell, you've won the nonexistent prize I offered up last time-- email and tell me if you want something for your hair, makeup, skin, nails... I'll send you something nice.