How To Cover Your Ponytail Elastic With Your Hair Using A Crochet Hook

It’s apparently rather garish and uncouth to leave the elastic uncovered, but I struggle with wrapping the hair around it, so I made a video showing you how to do it with a crocheting trick.
Publish date:
August 23, 2013
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I have a compulsive need to try to look like a model. I tend to idolise any sort of "ideal" of beauty: old Hollywood actresses and Edwardian art models and pin-up girls and fashion models.

The easiest of any of these looks for me to pull off successfully is any variant of "high fashion model." My face isn’t quite right to be an actual model--it’s too soft, my eyes are too close together. They have a lot of effing rules regarding how models should look. I am, however, 5’11”. I’ve got that down. Otherwise, my proportions aren’t quite right either--I am a rather narrow pear shape. Still, high-fashion model seems like an ideal I am close enough to that I can try to channel it from day to day.

(This is what it’s like inside of my brain--it’s scary. I don’t know why I’ve latched onto ideals of feminine beauty. I’m not sure if it’s a feminist thing or really internalised misogyny. Anyway, all of that is largely irrelevant to what I have to show you, but I wanted to share. I didn’t know how to frame this piece, so I’m framing it like a lunatic! I’m self-aware! Let’s be friends!)

Anyway, as far as fashion models go, I prefer to do more of a Twiggy look. I’m actually not entirely antiquated all of the time--only most of the time. But occasionally, I want to look modern!

One of the aspects of the modern-fashion-model-look that I struggle with is the hair-covering-the-elastic thing that seems to make it into every fashion show and Vogue editorial that features a ponytail. It’s apparently rather garish and uncouth to leave the elastic uncovered, but I tend to struggle with wrapping the hair around my elastic.

Maybe I’m just extremely uncoordinated, or no one has explained to me how to do it properly. Tutorials always say to pin the hair after wrapping it, but I can’t very well pin it unless the ponytail is tight against my head, and I look like an idiot with a tiny skull if I do that. Sometimes I want to wrap the elastic when it’s holding a loose pigtail, and the best way to do that is to tuck the loose end of the hair down into the elastic. But still, I struggle with that. It comes out looking like a mess. There’s no smoothness.

So I have come up with a solution, and I made a video. Now you can cover all of your elastics quickly and easily, and we can all go walk in the shows at fashion week.

It’s probably easiest to do this if you already know how to crochet--the hooking motion is the same. But just watch the video. Several times, if need be.