My Sisters and Our Hair, Plus COTW!

We're five very different people and our hairstyles reflect that.
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July 18, 2015
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This week, I thought it would be fun to talk about my sisters and our hair. I'm the oldest of five sisters, and commenter "abby536" mentioned after I posted this article that she imagines my family as "a modern-day version of Little Woman." In some ways we totally are: I'm definitely Jo, the writer, and we've definitely had our hair-burning moments (although I won't say which sister is Amy, because that's just mean).

I love that we all have our own unique personalities that we express through our hair.

You guys know I have a shaved head right now, while my similarly artistic sister has a cute pixie that she often wears with an edgy or androgynous twist. The youngest has had a bob for ages now, and the length plus the pink/peach ombre ends suit the sassy stage that she's in right now.

The sensible sister (about to graduate college and be a teacher) has an equally sensible hair style: medium length with natural waves. She's always stressing over whether she should get bangs again. And the teenager has mermaid hair that makes even me insanely jealous. She's gotten very good at braids.

We talk about our hair all the time and almost never make a hair change without discussing it at length with the others first. They usually tell me not to do something (like go blonde or shave my head) and then I do it anyway. Sometimes I joke about cutting off someone's beloved long hair in their sleep, and we've definitely bickered about who copied whose hair cut ("You can't get an undercut because I just got an undercut!").

In the end, though, I like to remind them that we all had the same super-short bowl cut with bangs when we were kids, and we're all going to have the same super-short perm when we're old ladies. Because we're sisters.

Now it's time for your best Comments of the Week!

1. Oh my god, there were so many helpful and hilarious comments on Rachel's beauty etiquette article. I was hard-pressed to pick just one. So I picked two! "General Burnsthighs" bestowed this wisdom upon us all:

For your particular situation, I wouldn't have said anything to her in front of the dude she was with, but if I caught her in the bathroom I would have; a visible Bump It isn't too terribly embarrassing in the long run of beauty faux pas. And it's extremely unlikely the dude even noticed it, and if he did, well, it just adds to her ~feminine allure~. Maybe she's a cyborg and that's her antenna! Maybe she's an alien and it's actually a bony growth on her head! (If her skirt was tucked into her tights or she had a period stain though, I would have told her right then and there, but I would probably have whispered it in her ear.)

And "lapidem-corvus" made me laugh:

Confession: I don't know what a bumpit is and i though it was a colloquial term for an arse crack...

2. Thanks to "Louise" for the bronzer dupe suggestion!

For an AWESOME, cheap as hell matte bronzer that's not orange at all, try NYC bronzer in Sunny. It's a perfect dupe for Benefit Hoola.

3. Don't worry "Charlie." My boyfriend doesn't really get my love for Clueless either (or You've Got Mail or The Princess Bride or a bunch of other favorites) but we manage to make it work.

My boyfriend has not yet seen clueless and I'm thinking it may become a deal breaker

4. Thanks "Amy Bevis-Smith" for the pore-clearing mask idea!

I just mix some charcoal powder with queen helenes mint julep masque - cheap & really effective :)

5. And finally, I'm loving everyone's comments on my article about beauty rituals that scare me! You guys are making me feel less alone. "Hannah" describes the awkwardness of pedicures perfectly:

The only beauty ritual that scares me is that moment of silence when the person doing your pedicure gets an up-close look at your crusty feet. I have to stare intently at my phone/magazine/fingers and pretend like it's not happening until halfway through the pedicure.

  • Do you have sisters? If so, do you have similar beauty aesthetics/hair styles or are you totally different?
  • Do you ever fight with your sister over calling dibs on a specific hair style?
  • Are you and your sister(s) more likely to braid each other's hair or pull each other's hair?