I Gave a 10-Year-Old Hot Pink Ombre Hair, Plus COTW!

Keep me away from your kid because I WILL put bleach on their head.
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June 27, 2015
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I love having a bunch of younger sisters because I can use them as guinea pigs for all of my beauty experiments. Sadly, they rarely let me mess with their hair. Obviously, I'm totally fine with doing anything to my hair, from bleaching it to shaving it off, but I have to (struggle to) respect that my sisters actually like their hair and don't want to mess with it.

HOWEVER. I finally got the youngest, most impressionable one to crack last week. I had some leftover pink hair dye (long story) and casually asked 10-year-old Kara if she'd like to have some pink hair for the summer. Surprisingly, she said yes, and even more surprisingly, our mom didn't object when we half-jokingly mentioned it while she was really busy and distracted.

We ran to grab the bleach and dye before my mom actually realized what we were up to, and a couple of hours later, this was the result:

I've actually never attempted anything like this before, but luckily, it was really easy. I just mixed a packet of bleach with 20-volume developer (30 or 40 probably would have been faster, but I only had 20) and then covered the last inch of her hair with the mixture for about an hour.

Once her ends were a light yellow color, we washed out the bleach, dried her hair, and applied the dye to the bleached ends. I used Manic Panic in Hot Hot Pink and left it on for close to an hour.

We were both really pleased with the vibrant results. I definitely felt some jealousy over the fact that my hair wasn't this cool when I was 10.

While I deal with being jealous of a 10 year old, let's talk about your best Comments of the Week!

1. I'm not even sure if I want to try a sensory deprivation tank in the first place but "interplanet janet" knows how to take it to the next level:

I live in Washington, so pot is legal, and the retail store I visit every once in a while has a partnership with a sensory deprivation/hydrotherapy place. (Like, buy weed, get 25% off or something.) THAT sounds like a recipe for a trip. I definitely want to try this out at least once, high or not. Probably high.

2. "Bette Noir" has some good post-partum hair loss tips but it was her description of a placenta that made me laugh/cringe (after I Googled "Dalek outside its armor"):

I disguised my post partum hair loss (also at my temples) by getting bangs. The regrowth blended into the bangs quicker and looked less obvious. Then I just tried to baby it with air drying add much as possible. I did not eat my placenta. It looks like a baby Dalek outside it's armor and so I took vitamin pills instead. :-) Also I really want that salt spray now. Humid summer equals limp hair for me.

3. We've all experienced the difficulties of actually getting all of your eye makeup off but luckily "amboslambo" discovered an awesome hack for it!

One time I got the flu and didn't wear makeup for like 3 weeks and I couldn't figure out why my eyes looked so weird. It was because I had actually washed off all my eye makeup.

4. Thanks to "boner.jpg" for this awesome beauty product recommendation for camping. (I mean, I personally refuse to go camping ever again but I still want this baby cologne.)

The best perfume to wear camping is J+J baby cologne. It's less than $3, comes in a plastic bottle, it goes well with mosquito repellant, and it isn't sweet so it doesn't attract bugs (in my experience). Its slightly woodsy, citrusy scent goes great with campfire smells and covers up sweat stink really well. Basically, it covers up any bad smells (like puke or poo) because it's for smelly babies. Plus, it's alcohol free, and supposedly gentle on sensitive skin (I don't have sensitive skin so I can't verify). The only thing is that when you put it on, it can be slightly sticky on the skin. The way I apply it is I basically just splash it onto my hand and then pat it around my bod or clothes (works great on stinky flannel shirts).

5. Who knew there was unscented Febreze?? Thanks to "Edith Spencer" for this odor-busting tip:

Tried and true theater secret! PLUS- you can make a lot of this and keep a bottle in your purse or car! One thing: If you do not want to do vodka sprays, Febreze works wonders as well. Get the unscented (hard to find, but worth it). The active molecule is hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin, which binds to the benzene rings in bad odors and reduces the volatility- which makes them stink a lot less.

  • What do you think of Kara's pink hair?
  • Would you try it? Would your 10-year-old self try it?
  • Who else uses their siblings as their own personal guinea pigs?