Cop Beyoncé's New Short Hair (Without Scissors)

Because naked necks feel really nice, I promise.
Publish date:
August 9, 2013
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In everybody's-losing-their-s#*! news, Beyoncé cut her hair off super-short. It's a bit borrowed-from-the-boys, a bit retro, and she's killing it, obviously.

I'm absolutely one of those long-haired chicks that will talk about cutting her hair off (really as an opportunity just to talk about myself and how pretty my hair is, not to get anyone's opinion on the matter--yes, that's how we work), but never actually do it. I do, however LOVE the idea of short hair and attempted to recreate the side-parted, out-of-the-face look a la Queen Bey. It's basically a lot of twisting and bobby pins.

Perhaps a video would have been better, but I will try to be specific:

1. Cut a clean, deep side part with the pointed end of a comb or a tapered makeup brush. Just drag through hair, keeping the point on the scalp. Separate the sections--you should have a perfect straight-line part.

2. Take an appropriate (smaller than you think) amount of pomade cream, rub evenly onto your palms, and pull through the lengths of your hair, even close to the roots. This will act as a glue, helping the sections we're about to twist up stick together, control frizz, and add shine. I used blowPro's Mane Tame, and really liked how easily it distributed through my dry hair--usually this kind of stuff leaves it heavy and feeling gross. If you tend to throw your hair up a lot, or wear braids often, this is a great option.

3. Section out a medium-to-large chunk of hair from the larger half of the part around your face.

4. Begin twisting this section away from your face, making sure to twist back the hair closest to the scalp, rather than just the lengths.

5. As you twist down your hairline, add more hair. Think of the hair-adding process kind of the same way as creating a French braid, just pick up more sections as you make your way around, over the ear, and down to the nape of your neck.

6. I twisted a bit too far past the middle of my nape, but you can see how the roll looks in the back, right?

7. Pin the roll onto the scalp. Slip the pin in the underside of the roll, where it rolls into the scalp, making sure to pick up a bit of the roll and a bit of the hair that's flat against your head. If the pin doesn't slip in easily, you probably have too much hair stuffed inside of it. The style (any style, really) will hold in place better if you use more pins holding less hair in each one, than trying to stuff a bunch of hair into too few pins.

8. Repeat the roll on the other side, you'll have a smaller section of hair to work with.

9. Now that the sections meet in the back, you can pin and secure into a ponytail if you want. Or if your hair is the perfect shoulder-grazing length, you can let the ends fall down the nape of your neck and they'll look like an adorable Elvis-y ducktail. Since I wanted all my hair up off of my neck, I kept rolling this second, smaller section into the twist, pinning it right on top of the other rolled section.

10. MY HAIR IS TOO FREAKING LONG FOR THIS. That's OK, but it got kind of weird at this point. I twisted up the ends of the smaller twist, so that they wouldn't be poking out all crazy from beneath the larger roll. I then tucked the nub behind and a bit under the larger roll and, of course, pinned.

11. I took the lengths left over from the first, larger roll, and threaded them through the smaller roll that had snaked around my nape. I just kept wrapping the lengths around and through the roll until it was all put up, pinning the ends (in hand) beneath the smaller roll on the side above my ear.

Oops, some of the ends are kind of sticking out still on my right. Oh well! This is what it looks like all said and done. I used about 16 bobby pins total.

Beyoncé's arm poses are way harder to nail than she makes it look. I figured out, too late, that it's all about bringing your elbows FORWARD toward the camera, and not away. Then you won't look like you have disproportionately small baby arms in every photo.

You can loosen the rolls to add more volume around your face. Just gently pull apart a bit with your fingers.

Ta da! So cute if you ignore my terribly awkward apendages!

My neck felt so naked--it was liberating! I should mention that another great thing about this updo is that when you take it down, your hair will be left in some amazingly natural-looking tight little ringlets. Also, thank you Washington state for having amazing vintage. My new favorite top was $10.