How I Do Holiday Hair Color: Rose Gold

It’s on my fingers, it’s on my bar cart… why shouldn’t it be on my hair, too?
Publish date:
November 30, 2015
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The holidays are here, and as per usual, the biggest question on my mind is “What do I do with my hair?!”

Just kidding. I’m much more concerned with my glittery wish list and holiday shopping, but hair is up there, too!

Pastel and Christmas don’t really naturally fit together, though I’ve been known to trade red and green for pink and mint when it comes to home decor. I always struggle with what to do with my look this time of year, and in general, I settle on the same answer every year: silver, gold, and sparkle.

Unfortunately, no one has created a way to permanently dye hair gold foil or sparkly silver yet, so I decided to get creative with my dream hair team and do an interpretation of my new favourite metallic: rose gold. I mean, it’s on my fingers, it’s on my bar cart… why shouldn’t it be on my hair, too?

I headed up to Blyss Salon here in Toronto and handed my head over to Amanda and Alyson to be spun into rose gold Christmas magic.

After a root bleach-out and toner application in a slightly warmer shade of platinum than usual, Amanda started to apply the colour: three different shades of peachy pink Davines Pure Colour concoctions to be specific. Once the colours were carefully applied and blended together slightly with her fingers, Amanda added a touch of yellow to the tips to really create a golden glow at the end of the ombre.

We rinsed, Alyson gave my cut a quick refresh, and voila!

I also got to try out a super special new Davines product that won't be on shelves until spring called This Is Dry Texturizer, and it gave my hair amazing, full body almost instantly (in other words: get excited).

The end result was a bit less peachy than what we were aiming for thanks to residual blue tones left from my previously opal hair, but it’s still as good as gold in my book.

What’s your favourite festive hair look?