This Curling Iron Looks Scary But Is Actually Awesome

This thing is here to save you time, pain, and future Instagram regret. Once you figure out how to use it.
Publish date:
July 7, 2014
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I have a secret to share with all of you (not of the Rhonda Byrne variety, and so it is… not). It’s a secret for lazy girls with straight or lifeless hair who want what they don’t have when it comes to texture, body, etc.

For over a month, I’ve been using the Infiniti Pro by Conair Curl Secret, and this weird sex toy-looking hair-curling vacuum is a major game changer. Say buh-bye to bad prom curls and neck burns from boring old curling irons, because this thing is here to save you time, pain, and future Instagram regret. Once you figure out how to use it.

The first few days after I received the Secret in the mail, it just sat in the box because I was genuinely scared to have my hair sucked into hot, twisted, nothingness. That's how it works: It curls your hair by pulling it into a heated chamber.

However, the fear was quickly conquered by “eff it,” which is the only life motto I seem to be able to live by, and so far the Secret has left me with no regrets. Besides, it’s just hair, right? It’s fun striving for perfection while also training yourself not to care if it goes horribly in the opposite direction.

How To Use It

The max amount of hair that will fit into the chamber is a two-inch strand. Once you have the right amount, pull the section taut and away from your scalp, and place the chamber as close as you can to your scalp. There's a helpful note on the curler that says, "THIS SIDE TOWARDS HEAD." Then clamp down, almost like if you were using a straightener, but instead of sliding it down your hair, the iron will suck up the strand, which will be wound inside the chamber.

If you used too much hair, the iron will beep quickly four times and the chamber will release. If you put the right amount of hair in, then it will lightly suck it in, in a coil, and beep slowly to let you know it’s working. When it's fully heated, the iron will beep quickly four times to let you know you can release the clamp because your time is up and your curl has formed. Undo the clamp, and a perfectly uniform curl pops out.

Temperature Settings

There are two heat settings: Lo and Hi. It can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, but the outside of the tool never gets that hot, just the inside. Once you decide how hot and for how long you’d like to have your curls set (see below), a red light will blink for a couple minutes, and once that stops it’s ready to be used.


There are three options: 8, 10, and 12 seconds; obviously, the longer you leave the hair in the chamber, the longer the curl will last. I noticed that when I curled on Hi for 8 seconds, the style would last me through the night. If I curled for 10 seconds then the curl would last for two days, and 12 seconds would last for three days. I should also add that I didn’t use hairspray at all during this trial.

Size of Curls

OK, here is the biggest downside: Because of the nature of this tool, you cannot really have different size curls. Since two inches is the maximum amount of hair that will fit into the chamber, that means no large curls like you get with a large-barrel traditional curling iron. And when I tried to do teeny-tiny curls, by using less hair, they just turned out very frizzy and fried looking.


Use clips to section off your hair. I like large silver salon ones. This helps so loose strands don’t find their way into the chamber as it's sucking up the section you want to curl.

Make sure you brush through your hair really well before you use the Secret; any snarled or frizzy section will get spit out by the iron, or potentially get stuck in the iron.

If your hair does gets stuck, most likely it’s because it is hard to tell if you’re using the right amount of hair. Don’t panic and yank it all out at once. Be gentle when pulling it out (the curling motor rotates in both directions to help you get it out easier). And if that doesn’t work (again, don’t panic), try to pull it out gently in smaller sections; you may have to play around to figure out which section is the loosest (kind of like when unknotting a necklace).

In my month and a half of using it, one to three times a week, I only had it get scarily stuck once, and that was because I didn’t brush it before using the iron, and the bottom of my hair was snarly and dry.

Have any of you tried the Secret? Any tips you want to share about it? Or any curling iron?