I'm Cocktailing a Bunch of Cheap Hair Products to Mimic My Favorite Expensive One

I Love Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion, but I whipped up an alternative for when it's not in my budget.
Publish date:
July 7, 2016
bumble and bumble, john frieda, texturizers, DIY, beach waves

The world exists according to balance or something, right? In physics, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Likewise, in hair, for every desire, there is an equal and violently oppositional desire.

My hair is a problem child of my own making: I am a bad hair mother. Once upon a time, it was butt-length and shiny brown; now it has a texture that most closely resembles a cheap wig. Although blonde is blonde, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

What I'm trying to say is that it is dry. While sitting for hours with some form of conditioner goo in a top knot helps some, I must accept that what is done cannot be undone. My hair will never be the same again.

When I had "healthy" (boring) hair, my main concern was that it was lank, floppy and flaccid. I wanted movement and texture, so in a way, the blonde is somewhat of an upgrade. Before I went blonde, I enjoyed sea-salt sprays immensely, and most of all the John Frieda Beach Blonde, which smells of sexy coconuts. How ironic that now that I actually am a blonde, Beach Blonde turns my hair into something resembling thatching.

Nonetheless, my new dry hairs still require some element of texture regulation, unless the look I'm going for is triangle head. Enter Bumble and bumble Surf Infusion: a clever mixture of conditioning greasiness and salty wave-enhancing. You can tell this is great because of the satisfying creamy film floating on top.

This works, and I don't deny it. But to blast through $29 every month or so is a hard expense to swallow. Luckily, I am a genius and had an idea.

Basically, Surf Infusion is salt spray infused with other, nourishing, good-for-insane-hair stuff, right? And I already owned an abundance of salt sprays and nourishing, good-for-insane-hair-stuff.

Do you see where I am going with this? Suspense!

Guess what! You can just pour all the remnants of leave-in, conditioning, reviving, moisturizing products into your favorite not-expensive salt spray, and you've done it!

This is great for many reasons. First, no more bending over to the capitalist man — or at least a slightly less submissive bend. You can spend half the Surf Infusion price tag and get three or four times the amount of soft, shiny, textured waves. Second, because you tailor it to you, you can use all your favorites of everything. And third, if, like me, you have a billion nearly finished products lingering around the place, you can finally finish them off.

So, into my old love, Beach Blonde, I poured remnants of OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil (thin enough to spray), Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Touch Leave In Cream and a sample size of some castor oil (adds genuine nature oil, instead of just silicone).

I don't think you need to add three products — if you have a serum you really love, you could probably just use that. But I do think the combo of textures — thin "oil," opaque white cream (sorry), and thick actual oil — came together as somewhat of a dream team, covering all dry-haired bases.

Spoiler alert: it works. And I actually prefer my concoction to Surf Spray, for smell and for spray (the Bumble one broke on me almost immediately). I just shake and spray, then twist and play with my hair. For wavier waves, pinning segments into small Bjork buns overnight works wonders.

It's sort of amazing to me that no drugstore hair brand has yet invented a waving and conditioning spray in the Surf Infusion vein, not least because I, a literature graduate and idiot, managed to invent one while sitting on my bathroom floor. No matter, though, because now you can all just copy me! Do it! Do it!

Have you ever invented something ingenious?