This Weird-Looking Product Gave Me A Glorious Blowout

You may look silly for a little bit, but your hair will thank you.
Publish date:
April 1, 2015
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Welcome to another day in the life of Wendy Rose, in which I use yet another funny looking product in the never-ending quest to achieve maximum levels of gorgeous. Today's doohicky up for scrutiny: The Click N Curl Styling Set.

The set is $49.99 and it promises to give you big, billowy magazine hair.

The set comes with six detachable barrels that are coated in ceramic and have nylon bristles. You also get a wand, which clicks in and out of each of the barrels with ease. If you have thick and/or long hair like mine, it's possible you may want more barrels. However, I do make the original set of six work for me.

The idea behind Click N Curl is that, instead of blow drying and then styling, you do both at once. I've also found that these give a major boost on already dry hair (say day two or three hair). I'll explain in a second.

How To Use Click N Curl

To use, you blow dry one section of hair at a time, per normal. Only once the section is dry, you wrap the hair gently in the brush barrel. Press the button to release the wand from the barrel and move onto the next section. Do this across your entire head of hair and wait for the barrels to cool.

Why It Works

Your hair has memory when it's warm. That means that, as it cools, it will remember the shape it was in while heated. Allowing the brushes to remain in your hair while they cool means you're going to have some major curl action once you release them. It's the same concept you see in old school hair curlers and today's curling wands or irons (or a blowout where you're using a standard brush and dryer).

Like I said, you can also complete this process on dry hair. When I do this, I apply hair spray and then brush out my hair again. Then I roll my hair up into the barrels, apply a gentle blast of heat with my hair dryer, and release after the barrels have cooled completely.

Once everything's cooled down, remove the brush barrels and style with a bit of serum for max shine.

So the verdict is that this thing looks strange, as many hair contraptions do, but it definitely works. If you use smaller barrels, you'll get more defined curls. This medium-size set creates volume and that "blowout" effect, though, which I love.

  • Think this one is worth your $$$?
  • How do you style your hair everyday?
  • What's the best hair tool in your arsenal?