Do You Have Any Celebs to Blame for Questionable Beauty Decisions? Also, COTW!

I'm going to blame Chloe Howl for my next inadvisable hair color.
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May 7, 2016
cotw, hair color, comment of the week, Chloe Howl

I am ridiculously suggestible when it comes to beauty... or, to be totally honest, pretty much anything. All it takes is for me to see someone else doing something and, as long as they're doing it with confidence, I think I can do it, too. It doesn't really matter if it's someone driving down the wrong side of the road or if it's someone rocking a hair color that would never work for me. They look so awesome doing it! I want to do it, too!

So I really want my next hair color to be a fiery orange-red like Chloe Howl's.

Never mind the fact that I wasn't into the way red hair looked on me the two (very brief) times I tried it in the past. (Remember my Annie Lennox hair?) This time is going to be different for some unspecified reason. But if it looks bad, I'm definitely going to hold it against Chloe Howl since it will obviously be all her fault.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. I loved the story of this epic fragrance score shared by "But I'm A Cheerleader":

Alakskdhflaksjfhf I just have to tell someone cuz no one in my real life cares but I was thinking of buying some Shalimar and I kept putting it off and today I was in Goodwill and there was a bottle for $5 sitting in a dumpy basket of crap.

2. "Millie Lammoreaux" gave everyone an additional reason to consider buying the Instrumental Beauty Sonic Touch Cleansing System:

Well, if it doesn't work out for its "intended" purpose, it sounds like it'd be a pretty decent vibrator.

3. "Unruhly" perfectly nailed what's so great about looks like this blue lower lash line tutorial:

I love major under-the-eye looks. It's like underlining your eyes and saying, "These are my eyeballs. Marvel at their beauty."

4. "Michelle Tiffany Anderson" shared a great chub rub solution:

I don't fuck with chub rub. I take my winter tights and cut them into shorts and wear them all summer. Works like a charm.

5. Congrats to "B." for breaking out of her beauty comfort zone:

Just coming to XOVain helps me break out of my beauty comfort zone. I've started buying more make up (I went from 0 lipsticks to ALL OF THEM in no time), I feel a little more confident in wearing it. I'd have to say the biggest thing I did though was cut off almost all of my hair. I've never been a fan of my face and just thinking about how open (?) my face would be without hair to shield it caused a little panic inside. But I can't IMAGINE going back to long hair, even shoulder length. I feel amazing and like I have a look where before it was that was there.

  • Do you think I should go for the Chloe Howl hair?
  • Has a celebrity ever inspired you to make a beauty change that you regretted?
  • If you could have one celebrity's hair, who would it be?