This Touchscreen Hair Dryer is Earning Me Oodles of Compliments

I know lots of dryers let you adjust settings, but this one takes customization to a whole new level.
Publish date:
June 26, 2015
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You know how when you meet the perfect hair dryer your life changes for the better? I mean, it's a serious purchase—an investment you don't want to regret. You shop around for so long, considering all the different options available to you.

In your search, you realize that some are too bulky or aggressive, some don't have enough oomph, and some simply cannot accommodate to meet (let alone surpass) your needs. And then, all of a sudden, when you least expect it, the perfect hair dryer happens to fall into your hands.

Upon discovery, it's all you can do but hop in the shower every single day so you can later give yourself a good blowout (even though you know you should pace yourself, lest your hair get overworked). You think about the dryer at the most random of moments (like when you catch a glimpse of your reflection in a store window), admire all its features when it's right in front of you, and can't wait to share the happy news with everyone you meet.

"There's something different about you!" people say. And you beam and give a knowing look and respond, "Let me tell you about this one."

No? Just me? OK.

Well, that's kind of what it's been like for me the past month, since I met this truly amazing CHI. The CHI Touch 2, to be exact: a high-tech hair dryer that's lightweight, quiet, cuts drying time in half, is easy to handle, and features four touchscreens that let you customize temperature, speed and ion settings.

Now, I know that lots of hair dryers let you adjust the settings, but this one takes customization to a whole new level. As you can see above, you increase or decrease the settings by rotating the digital knob, so it feels more like fine-tuning versus choosing between a low, medium and high. The better customized to your hair a dryer is, the better the blowout.

BONUS: This happens to be the quietest hair dryer CHI makes, which my cats appreciate.

Let's discuss the price. At $199, it's certainly on the high end cost-wise. That's not an unheard of price, though, especially where professional hair tools are concerned, and especially since it's a product that's going to give you major return and last for years.

I mean, think of how much use it'll get over the next five years (and this should totally last you that long, if not longer), and then consider how much you spend on food and drinks in a month, or on your phone or a cable bill or whatever else you splurge on. Personally, I say it is so worth it.

As soon as I started using this baby, I could immediately see and feel the difference. But I wasn't the only one. People started commenting on my hair more than they did before—even strangers. I mean, I don't need other people's approval to feel good about myself, but it doesn't hurt! And it's just confirmation that I've got a good thing going.

The improved texture and appearance of my hair is partly due to the customization, I'm sure. It's also the fact that this thing emits moist heat (so much better for your hair) and maintains a consistent temperature (thereby decreasing styling damage). It also nixes frizz via those delicious, delicious ions.

  • What's your biggest beauty-related splurge?
  • How often do you blow-dry your hair?
  • Do you realize how cool our technology has become? WHOA.