I'm Going Through a Wig Phase, Plus COTW!

I have good news, bad news, and two new wigs.
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April 2, 2016
cotw, wigs

The bad news is that my camera is on the outs this week, so I don't have any non-Instagram pictures of my recent wig adventures (more on that in a sec). The good news is that I am now a contributing editor at xoVain!

What does that mean, specifically? Mostly it means that I have the power to ban anyone who crosses me and to dole out promotions (Doug can finally move up from his unpaid intern status!). Just kidding. Hopefully, it just means you'll be seeing more of me around these parts!

Anyway, I've been having fun all week playing with a couple of wigs that I ordered online for less than $40 total. I don't think I'll ever grow out my hair, but sometimes a girl needs to switch things up a bit, so indulging in wigs every once in a while lets me get that out of my system.

I love these cheap-ass wigs like they're my children, so I can't really pick a favorite. However I did put it to a vote on my Instagram:

People almost unanimously voted for the blunt bangs, so I threw on some red lipstick and did my best Zooey impression:

But I'm into the softer color and waves of this wig, too:

I don't think I'll actually wear these outside of the house because they're not exactly high-quality wigs, but maybe at night... with a hat... in a dark bar. It would definitely be fun to hit on a guy and then casually take off my wig later on to reveal short pink hair.

Now it's time for Comments of the Week!

1. If you're wondering which blush to pair with your red lipstick, let "Alex" guide you:

Everything looks good with red lipstick if you believe in yourself

2. "kate" shared a great skincare recommendation for those of us with dry skin:

Cerave cream in the tub WITH A PUMP from Costco, mixed with rosehip oil.

3. I'm with "Sam." Wendy's cat did a great job selling Donald Trump's cologne and I would vote for Cat Trump in a heartbeat.

Damn, your cat is selling the shit out of that cologne. In an alternate reality- Cat Trump is our new president.

4. "nooneputsbabyinthecorner" shared some solid advice if you're interested in foam rolling:

I have a huge foam roller and i roll out my entire back regularly. Remember to put your hair up in a bun so you don't roll on your hair.

Ouch. I don't even have long hair and I winced imagining that scenario going wrong.

Oh wait, I do have long hair! Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go back to doing fishtail braids and twirling my hair around my finger coquettishly and picking strands of hair off my lip gloss and all the other things girls with long hair do.

  • Which wig do you like more, the blunt bangs or the side-swept bangs?
  • Do you get a kick out of wearing cheap wigs, too? Share pics if you've got 'em!