Chaz Dean Surprises His Biggest Fan (Who Happens To Be Our Very Own Olivia) With A WEN Hair Makeover

The mastermind behind cleansing conditioners visited xoVain to personally transform Olivia's hair (and make us fall in love with his ridiculously well-behaved dogs).

Annie and I try not to abuse our ability to call in beauty products. We'll request what we think we'll most likely use in upcoming articles as opposed to just what we feel like trying on a whim or run out of personally. Occasionally, though, a coworker will all but beg for us to request a certain product.

That was the case when Olivia learned that Annie was in touch with the folks at WEN Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean. Olivia started raving not only about the products--she loooooves the Cleansing Conditioners--but also founder Chaz Dean himself. She adores watching his WEN commercials and his QVC appearances. The tall, blue-eyed master hairstylist just has something about him that's both calming and authoritative. (Kinda like Jane!)

Annie let their team know that Chaz's biggest fan just happens to work here, which is when they informed her that he'd be making a trip to New York soon. Those super-pretty gears of hers started spinning, and Annie began planning an epic surprise for Olivia: Chaz Dean would show up at the office and personally treat her hair with his products in the office kitchen sink!

But it didn't stop there. Chaz did a full cut and blowout while his gorgeous labrador retrievers patiently waited outside of Jane's office. (Jane loves the brand, too, by the way.)

And of course, we got it all on film.

OK, how useful are Chaz's tips, right?! We all learned so much about the best way to apply products, how they should feel, how much we should use--dude's a genius.

And, I mean, come on. OLIVIA'S HAIR.

This, of course, called for a selfie.

You can see all the products Chaz used on Olivia below in the shoppables, and make sure you tune into QVC next Saturday for a crazy nine-hour WEN Hair and Body Care by Chaz Dean extravaganza! Also, let us know if you're an even bigger fan than Olivia so she can put you in your place.