Tutorial: Big, Soft Curls And A Little Beehive Action

I'm doing the hair from Chanel's 2015 cruise show my way.
Publish date:
July 1, 2014
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Hairstylist Sam McKnight took the hair at Chanel's 2015 cruise show to towering heights with bouffants and oversize curls. My immediate thought upon seeing the look: I want this. I WANT THIS NOW.

You can get a glimpse of the show below. (See what I mean? Magic.)

My hair is already quite curly, so I wanted something similar to the above, but different. I decided to go with big, soft curls.

For this tutorial you will need hair rollers, sectional clips or bobby pins, a spray bottle, comb or brush, blow dryer, and curling iron. As for products, hairspray and a heat protectant is highly recommended.

This process is a monster, but it's the most effective method I've found for turning my naturally tight curls into voluminous waves. If you get frustrated, just remember, I believe in you, boo.

STEP 1: Clean and condition

Shampoo and condition hair and wrap in a towel. Since there is a lot of heat styling to come, I also recommend using a leave-in conditioner. (I really love AG Fast Food). This adds moisture to strands and helps with detangling.

STEP 2: Protect

Apply a heat protectant spray or serum evenly. I suffer from dryness and frizz, so I reach for Moroccanoil Treatment. It never fails to add shine, control flyaways, and leave my hair looking and feeling healthy.

STEP 3: Divide hair into 5-8 sections and secure with a clip

Step 4: Roll, spritz, repeat

To avoid frizz, make sure the hair you're rolling is wet. Use your spray bottle to spritz each strand before combing and rolling. Wrap the hair tightly around the rollers and secure with a bobby pin or clip. I'm using large rollers here because I want big, soft curls. Use smaller rollers if you want a tighter curl.

STEP 5: Blow-dry until hair is completely dry

STEP 6: Carefully unfurl each roller

Make sure hair is completely dry before gently removing each roller. If you're not sure, unwind one roller (preferably from the top of your crown) and check for dryness. If hair is still damp, wind it back up and continue drying. After hair is dry and rollers are removed, use a dollop of Morroccanoil Treatment to tame frizz.

STEP 7: Grab your curling iron

Use your curling iron and work in sections, wrapping hair around the barrel from root to tip and holding for 10-15 seconds. After releasing, you can either spritz with hairspray or compact the curl and pin it up with a bobby pin and release once cooled. Again, use a smaller barrel if you want tighter curls.

STEP 8: Tease crown and pin bangs

In order to achieve a beehive without using bumpits, we’re going to tease. Take a section from the crown of your head, hold it straight up and gently backcomb toward the scalp. Spritz with a light mist of hairspray before releasing. Repeat on any area that requires more volume. Then, gather bangs, pull back, and secure with a bobby pin. I use a tiny drop of Moroccanoil Treatment to smooth stray baby hairs.

And there you have it: big, sexy hair.

I would recommend a little TLC (a hair mask or leave-in conditioner) the next day since there’s so much heat styling.

Anyone have any hacks or tricks to simplify the process? How do you get big, voluminous waves? If you say you just wash and go I might start crying.

P.S. You didn't think I'd stop at hair, did you? Tomorrow afternoon I'll be recreating the Chanel cruise makeup look.