Growing Out A Pixie Cut: 4 Celebs Who Got It Right

There is no crying (about growing out your pixie cut) in Hollywood. Make it work!
Publish date:
February 2, 2015
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Sometimes I wish I could add “She has grown out a pixie cut successfully several times” under my list of accomplishments on my résumé. If you’ve ever attempted the awkward grow-out, you know how difficult it really is.

I’ve discussed my best advice for this process, but sometimes you need to seek inspiration from the Certified Rich and Beautiful People of the World. Pixie cuts are always in style and celebrities are always getting them. (If I had a dollar for every article about a celebrity’s “SHOCKING” new cut, I’d be one of those Rich and Beautiful People as well. Has anyone ever been “shocked” by a freaking haircut anyway?)

Lots of notable people have grown out their pixie cuts in the public eye with as much style and finesse a lady can muster. As mere plebes and mortals, we can and should seek inspiration from them. Let us gaze upon them.

Example One: Natalie Portman

Natalie has been my ride-or-die celebrity crush since God knows when, and her pixie cut was what inspired mine back in the day. (She is also the inspiration for the buzz cut I’ve never gone through with. One day.)

I first saw Nat’s pixie in Closer, one of my favorite films. (“Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off,” am I right?) With her bone structure and frame, this Audrey-esque cut was as natural as can be. And like Audrey handled everything, Nat handled the grow-out period with grace.

Example Two: Carey Mulligan

I feel like Carey Mulligan has spent most of her time in the public eye with a shaggy, slightly grown-out pixie. Girl rocks it, and can provide inspiration for those of you in those awkward, shaggy phases yourself.

Example Three: Emma Watson

If you need proof that you can survive the awkward grow-out phases and still end up the Belle of the ball (ha, sorry), look no further than Hermione. Girl did good.

Example Four: Lena Dunham

Since depicting the late-night anxiety-induced DIY pixie cut of our collective nightmares on her hit show GIRLS, Lena’s been growing out her pixie cut with the sort of style her on-screen persona has a hard time mustering.

  • Have you survived the dreaded pixie grow-out process?
  • Who’s your favorite celebrity pixie?