Caring For The Hair Underneath Your Extensions Just Got Easier

Never have I seen a product line created specifically for the natural hair beneath your extensions/weave--until now!
Publish date:
April 14, 2015
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My biggest pet peeve with women who wear weaves and extensions is that some of them don’t take care of their real hair underneath. Girl, get yo life!

Improper natural hair care can lead to extensive breakage, which can be irreversible. It’s extremely crucial to take care of your natural hair when wearing any form of extensions.

The problem: Many products aren't easy to use or apply on the natural hair underneath your extensions.

Also, many of the shampoos, conditioners, and treatments on store shelves don’t contain the vital botanic oils that nourish and protect your natural hair for continued growth while it’s in hibernation.

Until I discovered Girl and Hair Under Hair Care, I'd never seen a product targeted toward under-weave care.

Under Hair Care is a new line that works exactly like its name suggests: it nourishes and treats both natural and relaxed hair for those wearing sew-ins, braids, twists, and wigs.

Consisting of fortifying shampoo, moisturizing leave-in conditioner, and a protective restoring balm, the products aim to maximize growth, maintain moisture, and strengthen hair follicles. The process is three-fold: cleanse (shampoo), nourish (conditioner), and restore (balm).


The most obvious pro is the nozzle-style applicator, so you can really get underneath those extensions and treat the scalp.


While both the shampoo ($17, 10 ounces) and conditioner ($18, 10 ounces) are sulfate-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free, all three items contain botanical oils for optimum hair health. The shampoo has a gentle but concentrated formula of shea butter (for moisture) and tea tree oil (for itchy, dry scalp). The conditioner is a leave-in formula of cocoa butter (hair shaft protection) and neem oil (for a healthy scalp).


For daily use, the balm, aka "restore" ($20, 4 ounces), product is a non-greasy blend of abyssinian, (moisture retention), castor (growth and thickness), olive (anti-fungal properties), and shea (conditioning) oils.


THESE PRODUCTS SMELL AMAZING! It’s a mildly pleasant scent, one that I deeply enjoy. I washed my hair once every other week with the shampoo and applied the leave-in conditioner after every wash. In between washes I would add the conditioner to my scalp whenever my hair was feeling dry, and I'd apply the balm to my temples and nape area. Friends would ask, "OMG, what is that smell?!" [insert multiple hair flip emojis]

I have tested many hair products over the years, and while a great smell doesn’t help your hair grow, in the case of Girl and Hair it does help neutralize mustiness while your protective style is installed.

You can buy Under Hair Care products individually, or you can opt for a value set ($49) or sample set ($16) containing all three items.

  • Who out there has struggled with under-weave care?
  • What key ingredients do you look for when buying hair care products?