The Sea Salt Spray That's Fooling My Hair Into Thinking It Lives On The Beach

I don't know who this Captain Blankenship guy is, but he really knows how to make my hair look its beachy best.
Publish date:
April 3, 2014
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As a child of the west coast and wannabe mermaid, I love having beachy,
tousled, windblown hair more than anything, but living in Toronto yields a more
polluted, sad, frizzy look for me, sadly.

Since I can’t go for a dip in the ocean or a walk on the
seaside, I’ve spent a lot of time testing out different sea salt sprays. I’m not much of a DIY girl, so
Danielle’s awesome recipe is pretty much out of the question. I sort of decided that my favourite Davines spray
would be my one and only from now on, and I gave up on even trying to find
something else.

But then, while combing through the Catbird website
recently (something I do pretty much every week), I came across Captain
Blankenship Mermaid Mane Sea Salt Spray

Packaged in a cute little blue bottle with hand-drawn wave and
mermaid fin illustrations on the label, this product is natural, vegan,
cruelty-free, and partially organic. A blend of water, sea salt, aloe vera,
vegetable glycerin, and rose geranium and palmarosa essential oils, Mermaid
Mane Sea Salt Spray smells like a garden of roses on a warm summer day. For a
floral lover like me, it’s seriously intoxicating.
I can’t stop sniffing the bottle!

But how does it work, you ask? I think it works quite well! It
definitely doesn’t have as much hold as some of the other products I’ve tried
from bigger brands, but it gives my hair a much more authentic-looking beachy texture.

I like to spray it in my hair while it's wet and
scrunch, or dry and then pop my hair into a couple of twisty buns for about 20
minutes for extra wave and bounce.

I may live far away from the ocean now, but my hair will never have to know.