Should I Pinterest My Wedding Hair Or Will That Ruin The Surprise?

I can’t decide if I should publicly scrapbook my hair and makeup plans on Pinterest, in plain sight of my wedding guests. THIS IS SERIOUS, YOU GUYS.
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February 28, 2013
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I’ve always been great with secrets. From kindergarten to college, I could always be trusted to keep everyone’s business confidential, like a pretty, blonde, secular priest.

But don’t canonize me just yet. My lips have stayed sealed due more to curiosity and power than virtue; I enjoy acquiring and holding information. Kinda sick, I know. We all need hobbies.

That brings me to my current extremely serious internal debate. I’m getting married in a little less than a year, and, like seemingly every other 21st-century bride-to-be, I’m scouring Pinterest for creative ideas that I can pass off as my own. But ever since Pinterest introduced secret boards, which aren’t shared with your followers, I’ve been torn.

Do I publicly share my wedding pins or keep them hidden? Specifically, the beauty pins: hair, makeup, nails and all those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that tips that will limit the amount of Photoshopping my wedding photographer will have to do.

My first instinct as a life-long secret-keeper is no; hide all those beauty pins on a secret board for my eyes only. I’m inclined to keep these details private because I’m such a visual person, and aesthetics are a huge priority for my wedding. Plus, first impressions are so important; thus, I really want my fiancé, as well as my guests, to be both surprised and wowed when I walk down the aisle. If someone doesn't faint from awe and an ex-boyfriend doesn't show up seemingly out of nowhere having to be held back by the ushers as he begs me not to go through with it, I won't be satisfied.

I’m especially inclined to hide those WTF-that-is-brilliant beauty tricks that no one ever heard of before Pinterest. I may want to know how to get rid of a heinous zit 48 hours before the rehearsal dinner or lose a fast five pounds with a morally questionable cleanse… but I don’t necessarily want you or him or anyone else to know.

But then I think of all the women who’ve gotten married before me, and I can’t help but consider what a wealth of knowledge they possess and the helpful comments they could post on those ideas that seem great on Pinterest but maybe aren’t in practice.

My cousin might know that the Botticelli-style curls I'm considering start drooping with sweat within the first few seconds of an outdoor ceremony. My sister-in-law might have thought airbrush makeup was a good idea, too, until she broke out in hives. Am I flirting with disaster by not tapping into the rich resource that is my already-married Pinterest followers?

And now that I look back on some of my pre-Pinterest beauty disasters that could've been prevented with a helpful comment--self-tanning, self-waxing, self-hair-coloring (notice a trend?)--maybe it’s time to be open about some of my wedding beauty concerns.

I have a big forehead.

A “fivehead” if you will. (Thanks, Tyra.) A half-down or all-down hairstyle would probably be the most effective distraction, but I’m getting married on an island in Florida, so it could very well be breezy or rainy. Is an all-up style my best bet for a look that will not only last, but also give me one less thing to freak the freak out about?

I’m ambivalent about nails.

I feel like French manicures are too predictable/prom; bare nails are too casual, even on a beach; and polish that matches the bridesmaids’ dresses and/or tablecloths is just creepy. Do I make my nails my "something blue" or is that pretty much the stupidest thing you've ever heard?

I’m pale.

(This is turning into quite the self-acceptance exercise, no?) I tend to think that a white dress--white is pretty much the most neutral color ever--looks good on all skin tones. However, a beach wedding in Florida kinda begs for a bit of color, right? Since I’m staunchly against UV-tanning, that leaves me with a potentially fake-looking spray tan or somewhat more subtle-looking bronzer, which could wipe off on my dress.

#firstworldbridalproblems, amirite?

Forget Pinterest followers--I’m asking you guys. How would you handle these wedding beauty dilemmas? How have you handled them?