Brush Out Your Knots With This Non-Brush Thing

Other than my fingers, this is the only tool I use to untangle my knotty hair.
Publish date:
April 9, 2013
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Let me tell you about the time my mother brought me to a crappy salon in our neighborhood when I was 11. It was tragic. Devastating. The lady at the salon found a massive knot of tangles at the nape of my neck and told my mother there was nothing she could do but to chop off my hair.


She practically put a bowl on my head as a stencil and cut around it. It was so short that a cleaning lady yelled at me when I went to the ladies' bathroom because she mistook me for a guy.

Years and unmistakably feminine curves later, I still battle tangles on an almost daily basis. When I can, I just run my fingers through my locks to get rid of them, but when the knots are stubborn and I have more than three seconds on my hands, I don't use a brush. I use something called the Tangle Teezer:

By the way, that's Married to Medicine on the TV in the background. The US has the BEST reality shows. Bad Girls Atlanta. Housewives of Atlanta. Where is this Atlanta place?! I want to go there!

Anyway, how do you deal with your knots? Think you'll try the Tangle Teezer?