The Salon Treatment That Brought My Wonky Brows Back To Life

I now have three more minutes to sleep in.
Publish date:
March 21, 2013
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There are some mistakes you make at 17 that haunt you for life. For me, it didn’t have to do with boys or booze--it was my brows. If you’ve read my earlier article about what I did to my brows and the years of hard work I’ve had to put into them, you’ll understand what I mean.

I’ve decided to put an end to my brow woes. Those three minutes of trying to perfect my brows in the morning (and still ending up with lopsided ones) could be put to three more minutes of shuteye, and heaven only knows how much more sleep I really do need.

Eyebrow tattoos and eyebrow embroidery techniques are common on my side of the world, particularly for those of Chinese descent who... well... haven’t got any hair anywhere. Unfortunately, eyebrow tattoos sometimes give your brow a gray or even greenish hue. Weird, right?

The Singaporean brand Browhaus, which has a salon in New York, offers a service called Brow Resurrection, a technique where you skin is lightly scraped with fine, light strokes, and vegetable dye is deposited into your skin to mimic hairs. Think of it like a less permanent, less harsh eyebrow tattoo.

I plonked myself down on a dentist-esque chair in the Browhaus salon and contemplated the bangs I'd have to wear for two years if this didn't work out well. The therapist starts by shaping the brows, then drawing on them to mimic the Resurrection treatment. Once I was happy with the shape, she put some numbing cream on the area.

When your skin is numb enough not to feel anything (they should that for Brazilians!), that’s when the magic begins.

The therapist will start scraping your skin; you won’t feel pain, but you’ll probably hear the scraping. It gave me the creeps--the kind you get when you hear nails on a chalkboard. So I threw on some Tupac and pretended it was just me against the world while the therapist was fervently scraping my skin like it was the last bit of cream cheese in the tub. (I can't make a Nutella reference in every article, you guys.)

Hair-like strands are carefully constructed with fine, light strokes. I tried prying to find out the technique, but they were quite secretive about it. After the scraping is done, the therapist deposits 100% vegetable dye into your skin, and in a few minutes you’re all set to go.

It took only 40 minutes for me, but it depends on how much filling in you need--it’d take an hour max.

I ended up with full, dark brows that scared me when I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror in the middle of the night, but the dye wore off to a lighter, much more natural color. Post-care treatment included using two serums which help quicken the healing process.

Yes, the treatment costs a pretty penny, but you don't have to buy an eyebrow pencil for TWO WHOLE YEARS. And you won't risk lopsided eyebrows when you draw them on in hungover stupor in the morning. That's enough a reason for me.

So, would you do this? What else do you wish you could permanently eliminate from your daily beauty regimen in the morning? Shaving? Washing behind your ears?