All About Brow Tinting For Dark Hair

Now I can reasonably get away with a no-makeup day without feeling like a piece of my face is missing.
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March 10, 2015
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In this most blessed era of the brow, I feel naked if I don’t fill mine in. Instead of inheriting my family’s delightfully full, bushy brows, I got sparse, fine arches that, even when filled in, look a little wimpy.

Thus, in the interest of looking my Lily Collins-est, I decided to tint my eyebrows.

Brow tinting is a lot like dying your hair, in that you can play with the color, but I find it more akin to wearing mascara. Like eyelashes, eyebrow hairs can get lighter or more translucent toward the ends. Adding color picks up on those less visible parts to make the hairs look longer and fuller. For my brow hookup, I stopped by Arch Apothecary.

There I learned that brow tinting is most popular for blondes, but it’s definitely useful for dark-haired chicas, too.

I have brown-black hair and brows to match, but they are naturally fine and somewhat translucent, so they appear grayish when I don’t fill them in. My aesthetician, Brenna, told me that warming up the color of my brows would make them match my hair better.

After a quick tweeze, she applied a balm to my skin to protect against staining and mixed up a custom color. All told, it took five or 10 minutes to apply the color, let it set, and remove the dye.

With my newly tinted brows, I can reasonably get away with a no-makeup day without feeling like a piece of my face is missing.

Brenna told me that a tint can last anywhere from two to six weeks.

To make it last longer, avoid getting harsh cleansers and skin care products that contain acids on your brows. And try not to touch them with your oily mitts, either!

The treatment only ran me $15, so I can definitely see myself adding a monthly tint into my regular beauty routine.

  • Have you ever tried eyebrow tinting?
  • What’s the one makeup item you feel naked without?