Brittany Howard is Officially My Hair Muse

The Alabama Shakes' singer and guitarist has me #twinning.

I was a little late to the Alabama Shakes party and wasn't even made aware of them until I was mistaken for Brittany Howard on my way to a Black Keys concert in Kansas City in 2013. (I have since become absolutely obsessed.)

Random Dude: You’re Brittany Howard, right?

Me: Ummm, no. Sorry?

Random Dude: Man, you look so much like her! Our whole table thought you were her.

Me: [awkwardly laughs] Sorry, not her!

[Random Dude walks away.]

Me: [turns to friend] Who the heck is Brittany Howard?

Now, initially, I wasn't purposely seeking to copy Brittany’s look, but it turns out we had pretty similar taste in hairstyling from the get-go.

When I first cropped my hair short late last year, I was terrified of going too short because of my head shape. I loved my haircut so much, but I could feel I wanted it to develop into something with more edge; I just wasn't sure which direction to take.

Enter Lauren to the save the day; she posted a YouTube video of Alabama Shakes' SNL Performance of “Gimme All Your Love” on Facebook, tagging me with the caption “Tamara, have you seen this? Did you know you had a soul singing doppelgänger, 'cause like..."

When I saw Brittany’s closely cropped sides, I knew this was the look I wanted. I took a bunch of screenshots to my hairstylist, Man, at Shelter Salon, and we worked on developing the look to suit me.

I have super-fine hair, so buzzing it was not really an option; instead Man basically cut the curl out of the sides of my hair so that it gave that nice buzzed look without having to take an electric razor to it.

We kept the top part longer and gradually tapered it down the back, creating kind of a fro-hawk look. Brittany has it buzzed all the way around her head and I think that is the direction I’m going next; I just want to grow the top out a bit more so I can really play with the volume there.

  • Do you look to a particular celebrity for hair inspiration?
  • Anyone else have a celebrity doppelganger?