Can Random Braids And Colorful Clips Look Good On Adults?

Kiko Mizuhara says yes. I say no.
Publish date:
November 19, 2013
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It's no secret: my love for Kiko Mizuhara is true and real and wonderful. Her Instagram is a constant source of envy and inspiration. Stop tempting me with that bob again, Kiko!

While her everyday look is quite minimal, some of Kiko's other beauty choices are quite bold (OK, probably with a little help from stylists, but she wears every look exceptionally well).

These hairstyles are not for the faint of heart.

One look I loved in particular was one from her Kiko Mizuhara for Opening Ceremony collection (Yoko Miyake, please style me!). This look is 5-to-10-year-old girl, heightened to immeasurable amounts of cool.

For this look, I wanted to do a little experiment. Does this look only belong on little girls and models, or do everyday post-pubescent adult mortals stand a chance, too?

The answer is no. You pretty much have to be nine or Kiko Mizuhara to pull this one off.

For the brave, here is a brief how-to, though it's pretty self-explanatory: I basically parted my hair in the middle, and did two small French braids going down the sides of my face. I added two more random (non-French) braids to the sides, then used various dollar store variety child-approved hair clips and went to town.

I kept the face simple with concealer, filled in brows, barely-there liner and lip balm.

Here are the results, with the help of my nine-year-old sister.

Also, doing a shoot with a rambunctious child is fun, but do expect 99% of these kinds of shots:

So there you have it: not all model looks are made for the general public (no kidding), but I would love for you to prove me wrong! Would you revisit kid clips or are you thinking, "Why, WHY did you even try this, Mari?!?"

I know, I know. But Kiko made me.